Looking at joining the RNR

Hi all,

I'm looking at joining the RNR and was wondering if any of you have got any advice? I've been thinking about it for about 3 years whilst at university and now I've graduated am looking into it more seriously. I've read quite a bit on here and the Royal Navy website. I'm based in Wolverhampton and work in Birmingham so HMS Forward would be my closest unit.

I think I'd be looking at going into Maritime Trade Operations or potentially diving (being a regular UK diver), however from what I've read it looks like specialisation isn't really looked at unit completion of basic training. I'd also be looking at joining as a rating not officer

So just wondering what advice any of you might have?

Thanks, Paul


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Simple advice - contact the unit and go from there. Far better to hear from the horses mouth than from a random website. You can go in for a no obligation presentation evening, and its not like a timeshare - you can leave the event without signing up!


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Seconded - speak to the unit first, there's no obligation and you get your specific queries answered direct without running the gauntlet of those who may think they know, or those who's mate once knew someone, who....

Best of luck.
Thanks for this advice! I'll have a look at getting in touch with HMS Forward. Does anyone here know if HMS Forward has got any presentation evenings planned? I've seen a number of units run them.

No problem - I am the Recruitment Officer for the RNR at HMS FORWARD - send me a PM and we can sort contact details from there.
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