Look what I found lol

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by pamspace1, Sep 9, 2006.

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  1. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Still claiming to be in the BRN, but now a Lt, and citing his interests as Defence & Space - defence against RR and plenty of Space between the ears, perhaps!
  2. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Must've got busted from Captain for being a cock knocker!!
  3. I think you all are right!

    The guy is so sick I think he believes his own bullshit lol

    I must say though the story was made up about him was a scream..I haven't laughed that hard in a long time :lol:
  4. Not exactly learning from his experience then?

  5. Hi Pam, I've read the saga that is Sam and I can truthfully say:

    Having seen your photos you posted on this site and the candor with which you did same you have zero requirement to try and pull these tools. Good job on ratting him and best of luck in the future.

    Just to clarify, you're a honey, date people close to home.

    I live in the UK but have limited attatchments. 8)
  6. Well I appreciate that and trust me, I have plenty around here that want to take me out, so this is now just a big joke and I just love finding new dirt on Sam the Walt ..he is leaving me alone, so I hope never to hear from his lying ass again.

  7. Yeah I read the whole Sam Di Costa stuff, Cracking investigative stuff by the RR memebers I must say. Ive been viewing this forum since I applied to join this elite caste of people earlier this year and if these guys and gals are anything to go by I think I'll enjoy my time at Raleigh. Although I'm aware this is a mainly ex-serving members thing they certainly know the crack. Good job gents
  8. I wouldn't risk money on that now Pam you certainly have the ball in your court, good job. I hope you find what you want in life. Just don't forget to come back to RR :lol: Crack on and go for it. Just remember I read a thread once where Lingyai said he would buy everyones beer. We've won! (He'll refute it and call me a noob of course but thats a common defense).
  9. Ive noticed at the bottom of the page there is an abuse bit, in there, there is Impersonating.
  10. Ive e mailed the site complaining of him impersonating a Naval Officer, perhaps AACs long letter may be appropriate.
  11. Perhaps I should gently suggest he calls himself 'Always a BRN'? :lol:

    Below is a version of my original long letter which you can use for this particular event, though I would suggest you modify it & put it in your own words! That way it will have more impact. Just like when doing letter writing campaigns to MPs... those which are exact reproductions of standard letters get treated with the distain they warrent!


    REVISED VERSION of letter to YAHOO:

    I am writing to complain about the person calling himself Sam Dicosta whose name has appeared on several websites and has now appeared on yours too.

    My concern is that this person is posing as an Officer in the Royal Navy when no Officer of that name exists within the Service. The Navy List lists all serving and retired Officers in the Royal Navy and Reserves. His name does not appear in the current edition (2006), which lists all living naval officers holding Commissioned Rank. You can check for yourself by visiting the British Ministry of Defence website here:


    Unfortunately if it your policy that you require a complaint from an actual person who has had their identity stolen, then clearly this will not be possible as there no individual within the Royal Navy who can complain about identity theft. However my concerns about his misappropriation of a naval identity are two-fold.

    To begin with there is the issue of the reputation of the Royal Navy and in particular her Officer Corps being tarnished by this person purporting to be a member of the Service. It is clear that both his command of the English language and his conduct are of a standard that would not be acceptable. By purporting to be an Officer in the Royal Navy he may bring the name of the Service into disrepute.

    My second, and graver concern is twofold. It is that he appears to have been using this false identity to entice different women into entering online relationships with him. His claims came to light
    following an informal enquiry to a website predominately used by Veterans from the Royal Navy, from a very concerned girlfriend who was falsely led to believe that he was on a secret mission in Iran which led to security concerns that misguided people, with an equally poor command of the English language, who might read his assertions and be foolish enough to believe that such operations are occurring. Although he does not currently appear to have repeated these assertions it is a matter of concern that he make false and malicious claims in the future that may harm other people.

    His actual location has been traced to New Dehli.
    His ISP provider is: Videsh Sanchar Nigam Ltd - India
    His IP is:

    I trust you will take appropriate action to stop this person causing any further harm.
  12. It would appear the boy don't learn.......don't mess with the RN and deffinately do not, ever mess with RR......... :twisted: :twisted:
  13. thanks Geordie. Actually I meant in that one sentence that I have plenty of guys that want to take me out on a date, not give me the boot. lol

    Discovering the RR website has been the best thing for me and I am so impressed with the folks here and how helpful and supportive they have been. I know when I first got here, they thought I was yanking their chain, but they soon realized that I was a woman who got conned by a lying scammer and they put a stop to him very quickly.

    I plan on sticking around here because I enjoy the conversations and the information on here.

    So you all are stuck with this Texas yankee girl!! :lol:
  14. GOD yoos lot are soon going to find out I live in the now deserted Control Tower on the Maldive Island called GAN and am really a tri-sexual one- eyed, lesbian, French Canadian ex-crab rock ape, who drives a rarely used mini-cab. Dammmmmmmmmmm!.

  15. Now lets have the truth, who are you really and what is your true location ???????????????????????????????????????????????

  16. ROTFLMAO!!!! :lol:
  17. Of course you are Nutty, We knew that all along but didn't want to embarrass you. Hope Spreadlegs never finds out
  18. I could tell you but would have to kill you. Lets just Viva Espania
  19. naw we already know that one nutty. :D :D ....... just don't care maty :wink:
    (oooops buugger missed 2nd page) doh 8)

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