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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Lingyai, Jun 26, 2006.

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  1. The Israelis are ready to kick off to save one of their soldiers...
    You have to admire the fact that they will go in to get their man. I am damn sure Bliar would not. So do you think it is worth a military op of that scale to get their boy back???
    I do.
    That's the kind of loyalty I respect. Go get em boys.
  2. Despite agreeing with the concept of always doing your best to get your own man back, the real question is how many innocents are you prepared to slaughter in the process.

  3. Are there any innocents in that part of the world?
  4. And that's the rub, isn't it?
    Olmerts' quote: "Let it be clear: We will reach everyone, no matter where they are." sounds pretty sinister to me. Just how far will they take it?
    This country has spent it's entire existence on the broken end of the bottle, and in that situation, it might be tempting to just say: "Kill 'em all, let God sort 'em out."
  5. I am not a Bliar fan but we did send in troops to rescue those taken hostage by the Bad Boys in Sierra Leon back in September 2000 which resulted in the unfortuanate loss of one of ours. And they had tried to negotiate their release first.

    Gut feeling for me would be to go in with more than just tanks but after counting to 10 with lots of deep breathing it can only be a period of negotiation to give time to gather intel and get SF ready if nothing comes from talks.

    Last I read Israel is holding the Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and Prime Minister Ismail Haniya, of Hamas, responsible for the soldiers safety. Wonder what their response to this will be? Most likely to further split the different factions in Palestine.
  6. Wouldn't it be nice to think that our government would do the same for one of ours? Good on the IDF, I say.
    All Bliars lot want to do is court martial our guys for doing their job.

  7. Innocents --yes however it appears the innocents are only deemed that because at the time no one has armed them with a suitable weapon . Warring factions committing acts of violence without identifying themselves rely on the 'innocents ' death /maiming or otherwise to gain even more world publicity and to possibly limit the retaliation .

    Its a standard tactic of Guerilla Warfare----------

    As for negotiation ---------biggest question in that area would possibly be who do you negotiate with!!
  8. So because some Palestinians are terrorists it is OK to kill any of them, just in case. The kids on the beach that were shelled a few weeks ago legitemate targets in your opinion as they might have grown up to be terrorists. It is OK to demolish a block of flats and kill every one in the block because you think some one who may be in the block is a terrorist. I would suggest that the Israeli buses blown up by suicide bombers is just the collateral damage from Israeli brutality to the Palestinians.

  9. Yep , get him out , Our Defence Secretary is a Human Rights Lawyer for christ's sake , I pity our squaddies , imagine having a fxxxxxxg lawyer in charge of you , would he back you up , I have my doubts :roll:
  10. After he had oredered the bombing of Dresdon, which killed tens of thousands of civilians, Bomber Harris was asked to justify his decision by Churchill. Harris replied "Every city in Germany and all their inhabitants are not worth the bones of one British soldier."
    That pretty much sums up my attitude. Priority must be given to looking after our own. Enemy civilians come a distant second.
    The Palestinians are not, and never will be, our friends. So, to be brutally honest, I could'nt care less how many of them the IDF kill. Not our problem.
  11. Peter --at the moment and ever since the formation of the Palestine/Isreal
    State people have been getting maimed or or worse .

    They still haven't settled it -- and no side can be blamed as brutal uncaring killing innocents etc cos they are as bad as each other .

    Think the classic was when they flattened Yasser Arafats luxury abode--didn't hurt him but it gave him a bit of a nudge to do a heads up and listen

    Fcukin hilarious!!
  12. Of course there are thos who have suggested that the monopolisation of resources by Harris caused the unneccessary deaths of many in the RN and MN as they did not have the required air resources to do the job. Also it has been suggested that Harris sent many of his own to their deaths on raids that in reality had little impact on the oputcome of the war.

    Killing the enemy is only worthwhile if it saves lives on your own side and allows you to win, at present all the Israelis are doing is by killing Palestinian women and children is encouraging the Palestinians to pay them back in kind. After all this hostage soldier is being held to get Palestinian women and children released from Israeli jails.

  13. Oh I agree there is little to choose between both sides, although as the Isralis are supposedly a civilised democracy perhaps they are worse for pretending to be something they are not.

  14. I'm still waiting for the evidence - any evidence - that it really was a) a shell b) an Israeli shell that hit that family on the beach. Given that at that same time, Abbas was challenging the authority of Hamas, even the most impartial bystander (ok, cynical bystander) must admit that Hamas would jump on any occurance to try to make Israel an evildoer. Has anyone shown for sure that the Israeli theory of a buried land mine is not true? No. Too many questions left unanswered.

    As for going into Gaza, the Al Aqsa Brigade were reported to have have said that they had chemical/biological weapons which they would use if Israel did go in. Maybe hot air (and probably stupid to use either in the confines of the area given that both Palestinians and Israelis would suffer the effects), but a worrying trend. Don't Hamas et al see that they will never garner international support with threats of using WMDs?
  15. And their alternative is, Peter? Being as they are surrounded by hostile States, who's stated ambitions are, to destroy the State of Israel.
  16. Care to list thos hostile states.

    As it is what Israel is doing is not working, other wise they would have secured peace, mind you I am not sure they really want peace not until they have annexed most if not all of the West Bank.

    There can be no peace until Israel settles the problems of the occupation of the West Bank and West Jerusalem, the illegal Jewish settlement in those areas and stops killing people in the way they do at present.

    I am quite happy to agree the Palestinians are little better, and are often the authors of their own misery, but that is no justification for Israeli policy.

  17. There will NEVER be peace between Israel and the Palestinians. They make the Paddies look like calm and reasonable people.
    I don't trust Israel - Hell, I don't trust ANY country, including my own - but I do admire them. The unofficial motto of Mossad is: Israel first, Israel last, Israel always. That's the attitude our government should have; look after Number One. Stuff everybody else.
    I also admire the fighting ability of the IDF, the most battle-hardend armed forces in the world. They don't always get it right, but the win a lot more wars than they lose. If they did'nt, Israel would have been wiped out long ago.
    If the Isralie's had lost in 1948, I still doubt that we would be friends with the Arabs. To quote an ex-SAS mate of mine who worked for Arabs on the Circuit, they are "Dodgy fcukers."
    All people are NOT created equal. Arabs swim in the shallow end of the Gene Pool.
  18. All them tanks and air support to rescue one soldier? Sounds like an excuse just to give the Palestinians a bloody good hiding IMHO. Like they did in Jenin.

    The whole place is FUBAR anyway.
  19. I know one thing for sure, it has got to be good for morale, you would feel so much better fighting the slims if you know that in the event that you get captured your boys will have your back.
  20. The IDF is going into the hornet's nest to get their guy. You can be damn sure they'll take whatever the hell they need to do so, show strength and come out alive.

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