Looing for old friends

Discussion in 'Nearest & Dearest' started by Bootneck Jenny, Aug 28, 2012.

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  1. Looking for old friends


    Am looking for John Cummins - ex PO on Chichester came out to Gib in '71 would be about 71 ish by now - he was old when we met ha ha. Came from the north east (Peterlee).

    Also Ray Bradley - a stoker on the Galatea - came from Liverpool area as did John Nancollis - also a stoker on the Galatea - both on-board '69 - '71.

    Also Ron Cummins - a bootneck - was at Eastney around 70/71.

    Time marches on and it would be nice to know how they are after all these years.

    Thank you.
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  2. What has this got to do with me looking for old friends - unless this is a picture of one of them in drag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Oh Dear!! You really don't know?

    Well on the posts page it shows - "Looing for old friends"

    Ya really do have to dot yer i's and cross yer t's on here!!!!:tongue10:
  4. Ha ha very funny. I have put the k in looking!!!
  5. Click on 'Last 50' at the top of the page!
  6. Mmmmmmm why can't I change it on there. I don't want to be the object of ridicule ha ha.
  7. Too late!!
  8. Sod it then I am off to make a cup of tea!
  9. Looking for old friends

    On this site you will find plenty of olds and if your lucky some may be friendly, Good look, you could try looking up the old ship names to see if they have their own web sites
  10. Thanks but tried all that. Witty and profound usually comes without much thinking - well it does from my brain cell anyway!
  11. Best stop tyring to read posts without my glasses.
    I thought you had posted "try looking up the old shits names and see if they had their own site.

    I thought "the fuckin rude old bastard"^_~
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  12. Should have gone to specsavers:silent:
  13. I couldn't find them.
    Mind you I bought a shit load of bargains in Supersavers.

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