Longway to Land's End

A couple of months ago myself and my mate Stephen Thomas were at the bar getting a bit of a ribbing because we both drive scooter's. Out this banter came a challenge. The challenge was that tomo's 50cc would never make the journey from John O Groats to Land's End.

Well 6 months later we are gonna find out.

On the 10th August we are gonna set off from John O Groats destined for Lands End! We are going to try and raise money for Cancer Research at the same time.

So far we have raised £1000 in donations and have most of the overheads covered by Serco and various local garages. If you would like to donate please visit our website www.justgiving.com/longwaytolandsend/

Please do not post anything negative. We are aircraft engineers not marines!
Well done fella,BUT youve gone and let the cat out of the bag havnt you :D and i quote "Please do not post anything negative. We are aircraft engineers not marines! " unquote,well well well your a ferkin WAFU,so you would rather be a Wafu then a Marine, 8O

How is it to ride one of those over rated sewing machines :wink: and them big oversized anoracks with fur around the hood,i think they are called parkers,if my memory serves me correct, :D

but apart from all that well done and there is some dosh winging its way to you and your mate, 8)
Yeah sorry bout that. All sorted now though.

Thanks for donating.

It's like my brother says. Scooter's are like fat birds- Great fun until your mates find out!

Just to let you know that 900miles, 1 breakdown and 1 incident with the police later we made it to Lands End at midnight last night.

Don't think I'm goons be able to sit down for a week!

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