Long week-enders

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by hobbit, Nov 13, 2007.

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  1. It seems the old style LWE is long gone. No more the attractions of the big smoke, nothing less than gay Paree within easy reach for the modern matelot. Champers and snails instead of scrumpy and cockles . Super trains have sure changed the face of travel and time even a SWE in Paris a possibility. What a life of bliss to have such delights within comfortable reach. I wish .

  2. Bah! Paris!!! With the exchange rates and flights now you might as well fly to New York or Las Vegas for a LWE. Turn up Tuesday, adrift, sunburnt/carpetburnt with FBI warrants and a stack of digital cameras to sell.
  3. Sounds good but the idea of the train appeals to me. Flying now, with all the security, has become rather tedious as well as potentially dangerous. French women can also be easy on the eye too but particularly on the ear. The food, VG. No problem with the ' fags ' don't smoke. Yes , that train looks great although the speed ?. Still miss the old steam trains and did many miles in the mob.
  4. I guess once your in La Belle France, on the TGV, the south coast is but a few hours on from Paris, as quick as flying it when you add in transfer time. The train is so bleeding quick though you cant really look out the window. Marseille is a nice spot for a winter weekend, albeit pricey, out of season its not too bad.
  5. A Frenchwoman with a parrot on her shoulder walks into a bar. The barman says "That's an real ugly bird you've there. Where did u get it?"

    The parrot says "I got it in France ... There's millions of 'em there"
    What do you call a french woman who sleeps with every man she meets?

    Q: Why do frenchmen wear moustaches?

    A: To remind them of their mothers.
  6. Touche
  7. Well, that flight to Vegas just got a shedload more attractive......


    "France's national rail workers have begun an open-ended strike called in protest at President Nicolas Sarkozy's planned pension reforms."

    "Rail employees stopped work at 2000 (1900 GMT) on Tuesday and thousands of commuters face severe disruption"
  8. Yes the plan seems to have gone off the rails and it would be a bit of a gamble to buy a ticket right now .
  9. It's barely credible that you can get a super fast train to cheese eating surrender's land but not up north in the good old UK.
  10. Long Weekend?
    Long Weekend?

    Mate they are now the domain of those that refuse to move their families down to their base port, and thus only work from Monday afternoon until Thursday secure so that they can "travel".

    Those of us that DID move their families so that they can see them are still working the normal week ;)

    Ahh yes, today's RN, what a ******* joke.
  11. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Why bother going to France? You can find out all you need to know about them online... :wink:

  12. Well I clicked on your link and got SFA!
  13. And what about that post deployment train ride home for Christmas leave; Pusser's grip bulging with a litre of spirits and 3 bottles of Blue Nun? Then waking up on the floor of the toilet cubicle in a blacked out and deserted train, parked in a railway siding 3 miles outside Leeds, no sign of grip or kitbag, wandering around some council estate looking for a phone box or taxi at 0200 hours. Ahhh, the romance of it all. If only I could remember how I got there, but 28 years on and the truth still eludes me!
  14. Maybe it's the interest in "soixante neuf " that is the attraction about Ooh-la-la land. This link is not porn but a scientific discussion on the noble practice of 69ers . It appears it is universally practiced and goes back many years particularly in Japan . The chrysanthemum takes on a (w)hole new meaning in that culture so next time yer at it you are simply re-enacting a famous historic ritual . Vive La France .


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