Long Memory.


Sitting in my local last night, I was accosted by an elderly Chinese gentleman on holiday over here in the UK from Hong Kong.
It transpired that he is an ex Dhobey-wallah, and having ascertained that I had access to the "Lurld Lide Lebb" (as he put it), and in particular - RR, he scribbled furiously on the back of a soggy beer-mat whilst chuntering to himself in Cantonese. He handed me the beer-mat and stomped out of the pub, shouting, "You tell!.....You tell!.....me no happy blunny!".

Anyway, here's his message (as best as I could decypher it).


I call Johnny Wong - me numba one dhobey man Loyal Navy long time!
I dhobey all you kit - nineteen Flifty, nineteen Sleventyone....many, many ship I on!
Some you Blastids no pay me for dhobey bill, still owe me lot money!
I say, Okay! - you pay next time - brank week!". You Blastids no come
black! Go on Dlaft, I bloke all time!"
Any you Blastids still arrive that lemember be on ship with
Johnny Wong and not pay me for dhobey, you play now!
I have rittle brack book with all laundly numbers in so hurry up pay me.
I plissed off waiting! You send me money, I tear up bill okay?

J WONG esq
12345 Potnoodle Street
Hong Kong
Near Chima


War Hero
I'm not paying that dhobey walla. He's the one with the machine which took all the buttons off my shirts and put them inside my socks. And the bstd starched my nicks.
Blurry hell this is Diamond Lil's
Me knew Johny would come one day for his debts to be paid

fortunately I always paid on time for the excellent service he
provided, and I still have the three hand made , made to measure
suits he knocked up for me 69-72

Me lope you find lobbing blastards and stalch their Chinky Knicks
just like Slims :)

Jack McHammocklashing "Peanuts Peeeanuts 6d a poke"

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