Long distance relationships

Discussion in 'Nearest & Dearest' started by Shay1991, Mar 21, 2013.

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  1. Anyone in the navy or been in the navy every have a good working long distance relationship? Taking 5 plus hours away from each other?
  2. No.

    Any other questions?
  3. Everyone in the Navy has been in that situation. Some relationships last, some don't. A deployment means you're a damn sight longer than 5 hours away from each other.
  4. What are you, the Andrews answer to Marjorie Proops?
  5. I had a long distance relationship for about 20 minutes once, well I think it was 20 minutes, she says it was more like 20 seconds, anyway what I'm trying to say is I once had sex with a girl who lived in California. I was living in London at the time.......well not at the time I was banging her obviously......how would that work?

    What was the question again?
  6. Does joining RR enhance sustaining a hard on?
  7. I got blood reading Stan's dit about the DWEO covered in shit.

    I should probably see someone shouldn't I?
  8. The further away you are from the one you love, the more you can plunge
    your gristle into whatever happens to be in front of it at the time. Buy her
    something nice from a local tat-shop and rub some cream on your helmet
    whilst on the voyage home.......the blisters will hopefully have cleared up
    by the time she's gagging for it.

  9. Are you not supposed to have banged HER brains out?
  10. You need to seek words of wisdom from RR sage Marjorie wreckler known to his N&D as "Proopsie"
  11. Yes, but only when looking at photo's of Taloolah and the other girlies on this site.
  12. Rummers is showing his age..Marge Proops FFS, I'm more the Dear Deirdre type and in answer to 2DD's question, no need to see someone, you're beef, just accept it!
  13. Still in a long distant relationship, her indoors brought a 6 foot wide bed, and I'm not allowed over the half way line.

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