Long Deployments Lead To Drinking

Apologies if this has already been posted, but I don't think so.

From the Portsmouth News


According to a recent study, those deployed for more than 13 months over a three-year period had an increased risk of alcohol misuse.

Difficult to know how valid this is, since many live ashore nowadays and drinking amongst the younger bit of the population is going to be high anyway, in line with their civvy counterparts.

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So for ten and half years was deployed away from my home base for at least 8 months in every year, 18 months away being he longest. I was not then and I an still not, at 61 years old with access to cheap booze in abundance, a person with a drink problem or even a heavy drinker.

From leaving basic RP Part2 Training at Dryad until my discharge, except for Submarine, RP2's L/S and PO's courses I only had two shore draft both were for a period of 6 weeks. Yes WEEKS.

Half a bottle of wine and a tot on average each day.



PS to be fair I never wanted a shore draft, why join the Navy and sit in a shore establishment in Pompey or Guzz.
Well said that man!!
After dealing with "problem dinkers", as the RN won't admit to having alcoholics in it, I agree. Boring people do boring things. Theres a lot more to do than P1ss it up all the time. On his other point, I've have had 9 drafts out of taining and only 1 was not a sea draft,not including the one i'm in now, I didn't joing up to whinge about how rubbish it is in the mob then drip like ten men when I have to go away for a few months! average time away from home would be 7 months a year. Like the man said, If you don't want to deploy. DON'T JOIN UP!

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