Long Bar

Ah the wonderfully sleazy Pussycat strip club. Dark, dingy and crap strippers of every size, shape and age....perfect lunchtime retreat after a few at the trees.
Evening tours of Lil`s, Beer keller, Casterways and / or the iconic Boobs topped of with KFC before heading for the taxi office where a whore, a scrap and occasionally a cab were on offer.
Happy days!


War Hero
Guz in the '60's, you didn't need to leave Union Strass for anything, many happy hours trying to drink a pint in every pub in one session, never did manage it, nor meet anyone who had, after each valiant effort it was a fast black back to the Dockyard gate and a Tiddly Oggie from the caravan set up there.
Was it the Paramount, a Dance Hall set on the first floor of the Antelope, or maybe next door. The Bouncers used to stand on the landings and push you down each flight of stairs, if you were really lucky the Crushers were waiting on the pavement for you.
In those days I don't believe Pompey had anything as good as Union Street.
Pint of rough cider, nine old pence, pint of beer a bob. And you're right, Pompey had nowt like it. Golden Fleece and that was about it. Even Southsea only relieved the boredom for a few minutes. :cool:

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