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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by jonwilly, Feb 16, 2006.

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  1. Is the Long Bar still there down Union Street in Plymouth ?
    Do the Working Girls still meet for a Pizz up of a Wednesday afternoon?
    Used to get an invite as mi mate Babysat for one of the Ladies while she was out earning. Nice little earner for him till the old Bill warned him off.
  2. The Long Bar mmmmm happy days, no longer there.
    It was next door to the Prince Regent wasn't it.
    Dont' know about the ones from the strip/octogan but allegedly there were some that used to use the Carousel, above the chippy and next door to the Avondale. Class !
  3. I thought the long bar was next to Diamond Lil's ?
    I seem to remember getting wedged between a table and a bulkhead on my 2nd night of my stag run singing new york new york
  4. Location of the Long Bar.

    Could have been......for some reason, it's all a bit fuzzy these days ! 8O
  5. It was next to the PR.
  6. Wasn`t there a long bar on the front at Southsea? had a door each end so if someone pi$$ed you off you could leave, then come in the other door sneak up behind them and give erm a slap. Seen it done a couple of times.
  7. Everytime I watch The Simpsons, I think of a Union St. club called Bart's, with crappy pics of the characters on the walls. Also Pennys, where you had to put a penny in the pot as you went in.
  8. Yes there was a Long Bar at Southsea. Reputed to be the longest bar in the world.
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  9. 4th December 1968 was my last run ashore in Guzz: just returned from a year away on the Euryalus - out via Simonstown, back via the Panama Canal.
    Happy days.
  10. My old man was a teleprinter on Ashanti, and probably shagged the same whores.
  11. I think I'm confusing it with the Long Room
  12. It was the London bar/Beer keller next to Lil's, fond memories of falling off the tables in a not so sober state
  13. Next door was the Picadilly bar before Lil's. Days when a run ashore up one side of Union Strasse and back down other was a full nights work ! Nowadays only short timers!!!!

    Theres many a reason for drinking and one has just entered me head
    If you can't drink when you're living, how the hell can you drink when you're dead. (Anon)
  14. Jonwilly might have been there but I haven't...the Long Bar in the American Club in Shanghai was supposed to be the longest in the world.....
    and for those old salts who remember Union Street pre 1985.....it sure ain't what it used to be by all accounts.....my last run ashore there was from HMS Drake in about 1989. I think the Tube had closed and the infamous Diamond Lil's was only a memory.....

    RNR - 1982 - 1991
  15. Do any of the older members of the fraternity remember evenings spent going to church? Of course I mean 'The Chapel' in Devonport, a great little boozer with the odd scantily clad lady parading around much to the amusement of the assembled matelots!
  16. Oh yes indeedy!, wednesday night bits'n' pieces night (loads of free beer)with "Dennis" the resident DJ (WHO also DJ'd in Commodores afterwards) and thursday night was Miss 'Wet' t-shirt night, Oh what fun seeing iced water being poured down the fronts of nubile young ladies
  17. 1. Long bar was deffo next to the Prince Regent.
    2. Used to love going into the London bars next to Diamond Lils.
    3. The Chapel was great fun, especially on Sunday lunchtimes with the strippers.
    4. The Brown Bear burnt down last year, around October I think.
    5. Boobs used to the place to be in the early to mid 80's.

    I am currently based in Devonport and the strip is almost unrecognisable nowadays. I rarely venture down there as its all pose and shifty as feck.
  18. Boobs burnt dow as well unfortunatly
  19. Boobs burnt down in mysterious circs. NOT. Some meathead bouncer (bar owner) from my gym and his training partner (jock psycho) had a barney in the heads and Jock stomped him to death. A short time after it mysteriously burned down........ From what I remember of the carpet in boobs it must have burned like otto fuel.......
    No mention yet of the pub close to the corner of the octagon with all the ships crests and photos in......... Come on, starter for ten..... my memory fails me
  20. These days, the strip is pretty much dead west of the Octagon. There are a couple of places limping on, but they are just tawdry junky's boozers.
    There is a Long Bar in Dubai. It is on the road that leads up to the World Trade Centre.

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