London tonight with time on your hands?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by phil1972, Mar 27, 2007.

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  1. Come and watch rugby, I know I am going to:

    London Welsh XV v Royal Navy
    7pm, Tuesday 27 March
    Old Deer Park, Richmond.
  2. That is sooooo tempting!

    Look out for a fat old git with two walking sticks and a dog..... playing lock forward.... oh no... that was forty years ago.

  3. Sorry night shift in Guzz , have a good one ,
  4. Day too late folkes, I only heard about it last minute on here. A London Welsh win unfortunately. There were a few RR supporters there. Hopefully I will get to hear of their next warm up games with a bit more notice and post on here.
  5. The RNRU say "The first round of Inter-Service matches will take place on Wed 11 Apr 07 at Newbury Rugby Club. The Women's match kicks off at 1200, the VETS at 1430 and the 1st XV at 1830. Entrance is free so come along and enjoy this festival of rugby!" as Newbury ain't too far for us southerners it might be a good evening out.
  6. Strewth!! I'm glad you said it was last night! I was nearly on me way a day late there!
  7. Will be there for that, though.

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