London to Edinburgh!

Page is finally up and i have got the go ahead from H4H who have set my page up for me. Im nuts, so my mum says.... i say im normal. I cant wait for this. Any help, i would be thankful. Even if its 10p, every little helps.

London to Edinburgh Walk/run
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Will you not be under RN training at this point?
He lied.

Like he lied about joining the Paras, why he failed Raleigh, buying an Audi A3, having a 40k pa job, being offered an 80k pa job with Eddie Stobart and now this will undoubtedly be a lie.

What a mong.
You'll have to let me know when your approaching your target and I'll pop along for some moral support.

I'm not sure if you've thought it through fully.

London to Edinburgh - 400+ miles approximately
14 days - 28.5 miles per day
6 hours - 4.8 miles per hour

Another 'dream' in the Cheech and Chong fanasty world of young Jiz?
Is there going to be dogging along the way as well like??
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