London to Africa Cycle Ride 2013

Discussion in 'Charity' started by BreathingOutOnTheWayUp, Oct 1, 2013.

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    An old offshore sailing friend of mine, ex-S/M LWEM (R) Mark Hawkins aged 50, has just cycled 1,300 Miles in aid of the Medic Charity, MERLIN* (where he has worked as a 'Techie' for the past 20 years.)

    His epic three weeks cycle ride is condensed here into a mere 3:24 minutes movie

    For more information See Cycle to Africa | A fundraising cycle ride from London to the north coast of Africa

    Cycle to Africa | A fundraising cycle ride from London to the north coast of Africa

    Mark is not A RR member (he'd run the risk being written of as a PSOF??) but I've posted this as he is thoroughly deserving of a mention:

    a) For he has seen at first hand the deprivation and tragedies of those supported by MERLIN which in turn has inspired him to raise money for their projects through this and his other commendable fund-raising efforts.

    b) His activities offer an inspiration to others involved in such charities

    c) *Some might even wish even wish to offer a donation to

    So BZ - Mark Hawkins MRIN
    (Global Technology Manager at MERLIN)
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  2. Epic, did he do this by himself?
  3. :
    From his Blog a buddy accompanied him through France before returning to UK thereafter Mark was alone

    Snippet from Day 8

    <<’s target for Pampolona where I am writing up my daily nonsense over a cool beer -yey!

    Last night it was dry, until about 0300 where it proceeded to rain very hard. My tent was swamped. At 0700 one very demotivated cyclist was beginning to have concerns about the day ahead. The prospect of big hill plus rain did not fill me with joy!

    After reluctantly emerging from a soggy sleeping bag just before eight, I wandered off to the shower to warm up. Outside temp was 13 degrees, not what I had been used to over the past week.

    Tent + Sleeping Bag + Mat: All binned – needed to get shot of some Kgs! From now on its cheap hotels. I have found that the site Cheap Sleeps | Cheap Sleeps to be a real gem. Pampolona room is all set up for £21. Its more than the £8 per night at the camp sites. I will miss the old tent though. Have not camped in years but the last week has been great and I will want to repeat the French part of the ride sometime soon in the future!

    By 0900 I was on the road. Skies very overcast but thankfully no rain. After a 5 mile ride into Bayonne, I stopped for coffee and a couple of Pain Au Chocolat.

    The rest of the day remained dry. Weather for tomorrow is looking good.>>
  4. Pretty hardcore.

    I would need the motivation of an oppo to complete something like that.

  5. Big BZ. Something not too dissimilar coming up very soon from the team of matelots behind Mongke's Fist.
  6. I reckon you should do it again next year on motorbikes.
  7. Next year is already taken with another event. Plus why cover roads you've done before when the Pan American highway exists?

  8. No No No MLP, I had enough trouble sleeping at night knowing that a key member of HM Forces was unavailable during your last ripping adventure.

    On the subject of Africa and bikes, I myself to be sure mounted a good number of bikes in Mombasa in the early 60's.
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  9. It's ok. No-one missed me.
  10. So being of a generous nature Finks, your fond memories might incline you towards the just-edited OP at para c)

    << c) *Some might even wish even wish to offer a donation to Mark Hawkins is fundraising for Merlin

    All for a good cause guys & gals, and Mark didn't backpedal one bit!!
  11. Donation donated.
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  12. Aye BOOTWU and why not, as there are no pockets in a shroud. :)

    Done with pleasure.
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