London taxi drivers

Some of these taxi drivers are off duty police, and fire fighters, so they'll probably keep an eye on the new guy - even if they are 'maniacs' ... cough !!

NZB. London taxi drivers are not prejudiced in any way. They do, however, have an opinion on every subject from nuclear physics to tomato growing 8O
A few years ago whilst in a London taxi,as we passed the Houses of Parliament,he said there was more crooks in there than there was in Wormwood Scrubs in total.
How right he was.


Lantern Swinger
NZ_Bootneck said:
1)The wife killer has done his time.
2)Been deemed suitable for Parole.
3)Is receiving medical care for his condition.
Prejudiced London Taxi drivers? Perish the thought. :roll:
What about when he stops taking his meds because he feels better?

As if there wasn't enough fear of taxi drivers as it is 8o
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