London Poppy Day Appeal

Tomorrow, November 1st, is London Poppy Day. The guys from HMS President usually help out. If you are up in town and see a matelot lurking on a corner, collecting for London Poppy Day, do go over and say hello and chip in.


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Lantern Swinger
Anybody know how the various locations were split up by Service for the Poppy collections ? I was in town yesterday and saw lots of Jack and Royal at Canary Wharf. They looked good,were great at engaging with all the commuters etc and generally portrayed the Navy/Corps in a good light. However when i went into Covent Garden later it was Crab central; loads of blue nylon and Hilton loyalty medals. They had a good band, in rig, and a Spitfire outside the Punch and Judy. While i hope they raised thousands for the RBL, it was also a fantastic recruiting and PR opportunity for them in the busiest part of London and at half term. Fair play; they did a great job but why was it a single Service gig and not Joint? The public have little enough idea about what the Navy does and this could have been a great opportunity for us and Perce. I appreciate that i have no idea how the 'pitches ' were allocated but hopefully we can get a share of the glory next year.

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