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London Marathon 2010


War Hero
Well, totally shocked today when I recieved in the post my acceptance pack for next years London Marathon

Now I've come in here for a little advice from those who have either done it before or those who do a lot of running.

My goal is to cross the line.

Now I've been training for the 7 mile commando course so I suppose I've already started in some way preparing. However I've never before run further than this distance so anything beyond this is a challenge

So some advice on training programme, the best sort of diet to have whilst doing the training, etc would be appreciated.

I entered through my own accord not through a charity so I've not decided on which one I am going to approach and see if they would like me to try and raise some funds for them.

This is definitely a new challenge for me, quite a big one because I'll be doing this and all the training through my mega busy periods with the company also.

It is definitely something in my task book of life to get ticked off!

Please bare in mind I'm not a natural endurance runner nor am I the fittest person in the world. I've lost over 2 stone during my current training schedule and I've a goal weight I wish to get down to.

Looking forward to the replies



War Hero
Well done for getting through the ballot. Can't wait to get home tonight to see if I've been successful. Having completed several marathons in the past including London twice I never seem to learn from all of my mistakes, although getting better, what works for me may not work for you.

First of all join a running club. There are loads in Cornwall. This will help you with your training as you will be with like minded people and also many of them will have run marathons in the past. There is a plethora of websites that will give you the information that you need. Try - a running club in Saltash - as they have loads of information and links to help you with your preparations.

Good luck and keep us informed of your progress.

The first 26 miles are the hardest, but the last 385 yards will urge you on to the finishing line.


War Hero
Thank you Drakey

Cornwall AC is the closest running club to me. I used to belong to it when I was a young lad lobbing the Javelin :lol:

I will keep people informed of my progress if people are interested


War Hero
I've been keeping people informed on my progress on FB so I thought I'd copy it and post in here for those interested.

Hi all

Thought I'd write down a little bits and pieces about my training programme so people can see what I am getting up to and keep up to date with how things are going.

Most probably won't be interested but I don't care lol

Thought I'd do a thread so people can follow my training schedule etc.

I've decided to follow a recommended programme.

As I'm not an experienced runner, I've gone for a beginner marathon programme.

I'm following it from the letter t so I make sure I prepare properly

The first week is going to be very easy week as I run already, but I going to do it.

Day 1
Today was just a simple 15 minute jog, so I ran up from my house for 15 minutes up to the Judo Club. I went the long route.

It was pretty cold today, I've yet to get proper winter running gear yet. However I did it. For some reason my MP3 player is only playing the same 4 songs on shuffle even though I've got frigging lots on there lol

I did Judo then ran home the shorter route. It's quite weird running home in pitch balck with no street lights. I've got a flashing reflective arm band but it's a nightmare trying to remember where the curbs are lol

Any way that's day one done Day two is also another easy short jog, but I will be doing some other cardio afterwards to make up for it

Day 2

Well today's training according to the programme is another simple 15 min jog. So I went slightly faster than a jog around the streets of Camborne/Tuckingmill.

After I had completed that to make the session feel worth while I went on to do more CV work.

Day 3

The rain held off, which was nice, I was supposed to jog and walk today however I jogged and almost into a run, so sort of what they wanted but not walking.

Was hoping to do some more cardio vas work but unfortunately have to do stuff down the unit.

Not yet been run over in the dark though which is a bonus, however I got some flashing and reflective arm band things from Tesco, they're awesome for 2 squid lol

Please my shin splints seem to have started to heal

Not smoked now for 2 and 3/4 months either. My diet is still going however due to recent things with the business it occasionally failed lol.

Will update my progress on weight loss when I next want to look at the scales.

Day 4

Again today I was supposed to do a 15 minute jog. So instead I ran the same distance.

ran down to the unit from my place. Kitty met me down there and picked me up.

Looking forward to tomorrow, as I'm playing squash as well lol

Day 5

A little late with posting due to playing Forza.

Any way this morning I ran to work, I ran for 10 mins jogged for 5 ran for 5 mins

Played squash in the evening for an hour.

Day 6 is rest day, hopefully I will have time for a swim and jaccuzi

Day 6

Rest day today, didn't even go swimming

However update on weight loss.

Since last Friday I was 13 stone 7lbs

Today I am now 12 Stone 9.5lbs with jeans and t-shirt

Still got a fair bit to go yet but it's coming off

Day 7

Well first week of the programme done.

I really pushed my self tonight. I went and cained my self over the short period it wanted me to cover.

It was only meant to be a 20 min jog tonight, however I sprinted for 15 mins and then jogged the last 5 mins.

The first 15 mins was quite hardcore for me. I was blowing out of my ass.

After the session of running, I did 15 mins on the bike followed by some reps of press- ups and sit ups.

Good session although it doesn't feel any easier yet lol

Day 8

Start of the second week,

Tonight went to PV Hotel Gym as we still had pre paid usage.

So did 20 mins on the tread mill, running at either 8 or 7 mph then slowing down to 5 or 6 mph every minute. So I was running then jogging then running for 20 mins.

I did 10 mins on the rower and 5 mins on the stepper.

Did other CV work after.

I went swimming then spent some time in sauna and jacuzzi. Oh how did my body need that lol

Day 9

Simple 25 min jog today, nothing exciting I'm afraid.

Could do with a massage though lol

Day 10

Today I jogged for 15 mins ran for 10 then jogged for another 10 mins

Swam a few lengths of the pool and finished off in the Jacuzzi

Felt good after that's for sure

Day 11

Well today was down as just a 20 min jog so I started at 5 mph then 6 mph just to get my heart going. Felt a hard session though

I then did 30 mins on the bike

I am looking towards rest day on sat lol

Day 12

Wel I've decided to swap Saturday and with Tonight so will have rest day tonight and run tomorrow.

I played badminton tonight so still got some fitness in, however I've not got rainy running gear yet and it's pissing down a cold as well as dark.

If it's the same during the day tomorrow then I will have to lump it lol

Day 13

I felt really good after today's session. I had to do a 38 min jog today. So I jogged 4 miles from our place.

Felt good. It was supposed to be rest day today but I switched it to yesterday after the Badminton session

Day 14

Well it's the end of week two of the training programme.

The schedule was for just a 30 min jog.

So I was on the treadmill tonight and I did the first 10 mins as a 5 mph jog into a 6 mph 5 min session into a 6.5 mph session through into a final 10 mins at 5 mph

I folllowed this with 10 mins on the bike.

Day 15

Start of week 3 of my training programme.

Today I jogeed/ ran 3 miles from my house to the Judo club

Luckily rain stopped but the wind was in my face all the way there, so made it a little tougher. I still managed to do 3 miles in 26 mins so pretty happy with how it went.

Then I did an hour of Judo

Day 16

Programme was for 25 min jog

So on the treadmill I did 5 mins @ 5mph then 10 mins 6mph then into a run of 5 mins @ 6.5mph then 5 mins @6.8mph then finished off with a jog 5mins @ 5mph

I also did 16 mins warm up on the bike before hand and warm down with another 10 mins on the bike

I burnt a good 700 calories tonight so I'm happy

Day 17

Well today I went longer than I supposed to have. I ran for 59 mins around Redruth.

I use and worked out I did about 5.6 miles. So I was averaging 6.0mph which isn't too bad a pace for me I'm happy with that considering the hills, rain and wind lol

Day 18

Went to the gym tonight only had to do 25 mins which felt a little harder than last night's road run lol

However I did it changing my level of intensity through out to make me work harder.

Went on the bike also and pushed out 30 mins on the bike.

Good session but felt hard

Weirdest song I've had playing on mp3 player whilst out for a run as it's on shuffle was Sir Mixalot's Baby got back not the exercise tune I was expecting but I was then thinking about big butts for the rest of the run yesterday lol

Day 19

Well I arrive at my weekend break destination, it was friggin dark no street lights but I still went for a run

I went for a good 37 min jog as per programme. The hills was massive here it made me work hard.

Had to wear headlamp so I could see where the frik I was going.

Day 20

Hanging out of my ass I went for a morning jog pushed out a good 59 min jog accompanied by two others which was nice to see others mad enough hanging out of there ass wanting to also run.

The first 2 miles was pure up hill, I'd say incline as was about 4-5 on a treadmill

I felt good but it worked my legs doing the first 2 miles.

Day 21

As I jogged yesterday for a longer time than expected I took today as the rest especially as I was again hanging out of my ass

Day 22

Start of week 4

Well tonight I felt so good I ended up running for 7 miles

It's the first time I've done it with out going through mud, tunnels and sheep dips lol

I'm pretty chuffed myself felt really good. Especially as 3/4's of it was up hill! the first 3 miles were an up hill incline was a f**ker that was!

Go me

Day 23

Today I was in the gym on the treadmill so I did 25 min Fartlek training. It really made me work tonight my legs are arching especially after yesterday's extremely run.

I finished off with 20 mins on the bike.

Good session worked hard tonight

Day 24

Felt hard today well my legs felt it today probably due to the previous two days added to it.

Today was an easier day today I did 3 miles on the road 1 mile jog 1 mile run finishing with 1 mile jog.

Bloody rain, puddles, hills and darkness. Felt lonely out there today

Day 25

Well tonight was gym night so I got out of the rain. I had to do a 25 min jog today. So instead I did 5 min 5 mph jog into 10 mins of 1 min 6 mph with 30 sec intervals of 8 mph sprints. Finished with 10 mins 5 mph jog.

I then spent 20 mins on the bike

Day 26

Oh my frigging god, what a mega hard session!

It was nails running in tonight's weather, 3 miles of resistance training and not intensional lol

The wind was so strong whilst we ran up hill! It was like dragging a tyre behind us!

Good workout though

Day 27

Rest day today so no pounding the tarmac.

However I did go to a running specialist and had my gait checked. Defo worth the trip.

Looking forward to tomorrow's session now

Will keep you up dated as I go along

You are very Brave and Bold and you deserve a special Blog of your own.

Set it up, tell us where its at - That may avoid the less than positive flak that RR threads sometimes attract.

Best Of


PS Extra RR sponsorship is available should you agree to you haul Ja5(Zero)n around with you - in a Dung-Filled Hessian sack, riddled with other lean runners from Bombay.
(Or is it Mumbai nowadays? I do hope that the 'roaches in residence have been informed of their new addresses.....).


War Hero
Being an ex matelot I am used to getting flak from other matelots lol To be honest I don't care. I will just up date the thread as I go along as I am in other places.

Not worried if people aren't interested, there may be some who are.

So far since I started training for the 7 mile commando challenge which I did in October until date I've lost 4 stone. Gone from size 36 to size 32.

I am thinking about for the actually race day wearing half blues (white front not the shirt & the old bell bottoms) lol

It will be another task in the task book of life ticked off.

The weather has been bad but even so I'm out in the rain, wind and cold doing it.


War Hero
Day 28

Week 4 complete

What an awesome training session I had tonight. Myself and Craig went for a 10k run. The night was dry but a little chilly.

Not only did I blitz my 5k time which I did in 26 mins I also did 10k in 51 mins. (might not be fast for some people but for me compared to this time last year it's good!)

It wasn't a flat road either plenty of hills well it is Cornwall what is a flat road? lol

I'm so chuffed with my performance tonight.


War Hero
Day 29

Start of week 5.

Well today was also a start of a new regime also. As well as my normal programme I am now getting up early in the morning to get a small run before I go work and to get me into a the mind frame of getting up uber early. So I did 1.5 miles.

Tonight after my epic run last night I only had to do 3 miles so I did 3 miles tonight and felt good :D

So 4.5 miles in total done today.

I totally recommend the 1000 mile socks I have. Best socks ever (not including pussers socks lol)


War Hero
Book Reviewer
Having read your progress so far, I am inspired to follow your regime and start taking my running seriously.

Well done, Tommo... :thumbleft:


War Hero
A mate of mine got declined from the London one but got accepted for the Edinburgh marathon, but good luck with your training.


Daffy, I'm surprised a Scot hasn't appeared yet to beat you around the head for bastardising the name of their capital so badly.


War Hero
Thank you SPB.

I still hate running however I know feel guilty if I don't on my rest day. I just hope I don't start shouting things like "With a jump feet together place!" and look into mirrors lots :lol:


War Hero
Day 30

I'm still amazing myself each day by the fact I'm still out there doing this. I'm still pounding the miles training hard.

Tonight I was in gym on on threadmill. I had to do 30 mins tonight according to my programme.

So first 10 mins I jogged at 6mph then for the next 10 mins I alternated every min from 6mph then 1 min 7 mph then back to 6 and so on. I then went on and did 6 mins of 6mph and 8mph alternatting between each like I did previously. I finished off 4 mins of 6 mph jog and then eased off with a 1 min walk.

I then went on the bike for 15 mins.

it really did work me as well as bring on a good sweat!


War Hero
angrydoc said:
Daffy, I'm surprised a Scot hasn't appeared yet to beat you around the head for bastardising the name of their capital so badly.

Just noticed, and sorted it out ASAP


War Hero
Day 31

Damn the weather, it made tonight hard work again. It seems to always be in my face as I run around. It makes so much more hard work.

Despite this I did a 4 mile route today on the road which had a 65m climb total. Although it didn't feel like I was doing a good pace for me it actually was consdering I wanted to go faster but couldn't due to the wind pushing me back lol

I am crazy. As I was running in this weather I did think what the fook am I doing. I then started to wonder am I going to burn out soon?

But then two tracks came on my mp3 player which made my moral pic up even more so I was busting some moves as I ran. I must have looked a dick but didn't care I focus'd in the zone lol

These were the two tunes


followed by

So now you can imagine me busting moves to those tunes lol
The thing to remember when runnning in a road race or a long distance yomp is, remember your pace forget those alongside being drawn forward you will catch them up later knackered and FUBAR.

You may be in a marathon with thousands of runners around you but you are on your own it is you against the distance. Enjoy the day wave to the crowds chat to your fellow runners. Just watch your pace the crowds and the day will give you a boost. Unlike the mountain marathons then it is head down and you against the elements you may get the bug and try a mountain marathon another time.

When you are soaking wet and miserable on your training runs just remember there are many more doing the same thing someplace else.

Change your running surface touch of cross country touch of roadwork this will help you to avoid strain injuries.

Do you supinate or pronate when running this will also help you avoid stress injuries if you buy the correct shoes.

And when you arrive at twenty six miles put a picture in your head of your six mile route back home and think anybody can run six miles.

Best of luck.


War Hero
Day 32

Well another 4 miles clocked off tonight on the roads. I had Craig with me tonight so was good to have someone to help me push myself.

However as it was pissing down and blowing a gale it really played havoc. My legs really had to work hard they defo felt it

I still did it though and got another day done.

Thank to those that are reading this and are interested in my progress, the support is appreciated :D

Do you supinate or pronate when running this will also help you avoid stress injuries if you buy the correct shoes.

I over pronate. More so with my right foot than my left. I've been to the specialists in the Helston, and had my gait checked and got the correct shoes for my style.

Thank you for the advice you've posted Backpacker :D
That should have read when you reach twenty miles put a picture in your head of your training route back home and think anybody can run six miles.

Carbo loading the day before the event is a must leave the mars bars at home.

Speaking from countless road races I have ran regarding the surge at the start of the race so many are carried forward not realising the pace they are being pushed into after two miles they are FUBAR.

If you have never ran in a mass event and want the feel of the thing Christmas is near upon us be Santa for the day and raise a few bob this is more of a walk than a run due to the numbers unless you get up front. The childrens face's wondering who is the real Santa and fellow Santa's heading down the M62 into Liverpool a joy to behold.


War Hero
Day 33

I've swaped tomorrows rest day for today, so played squash but not going for a run. Even though the weather is good and it's now going to be bad weather tomorrow lol Ah well

A nice rest is needed
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