London atrocity.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by janner, Mar 24, 2017.

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  1. janner

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  2. I applaud this guy
  3. This bloke has got it absolutely right.
  4. The Last Leg version (NSFW)

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  5. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

  6. Seadog

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    Those posting in Current Affairs (a serious forum) are expected to know and use this bloke's name.
  7. Andy said what the thinking public, were talking about, Adam covered the rest, but both to the point.
  8. I was a lad in WW2 and saw my relatives come home from Dunkirk in tattered uniforms,defeated by the German army in France. My Dad ,a WW1 soldier, expressed concern about what was to come . Those brave lads in the RAF came near to defeat , but for a stupid tactical decision to stop bombing the airfields and so went with Battle of the Atlantic favouring the U-Boats , and we should grateful to the Canadians who built and manned escorts , but again the Germans erred in not starting with enough U-boats .The Eighth Army was driven back to Alexandria , but reversed the advance of the Germans , not the least from the Tanks bought from the US -- the Eight Army was made up of British and Commonwealth soldiers (including the successful Indian Army ) . At one point the RN was driven out of the Med .And recall driven out of Greece &Crete . Studying the papers every day was not particularly cheerful . The point is we are not invincible , but that's not the point -- terrorism is a political weapon , not military --- that is made quite clear in the response of the military powerful USA to the Twin Towers , that led to the ill-conceived invasion of Iraq and so on , with more terrorism and POLITICAL response . We aren't winning because we believe we can defeat terrorism by military force --- well its not working , we need a shrewder approach , not gung - ho stuff as in the video . But God bless this policeman who died , perhaps because the police organisation on this site was not well planned , with the armed police too far away
  9. The armed police on the parliament gate had gone to investigate the crashed vehicle just around the corner from the gate. The Police who shot the terrorist were actually from the personal protection squad who guard individual MPs and not gate staff.

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