London 2012 Olympic posters.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by WarfareSpecialistToBe, Nov 4, 2011.

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  1. Just seen the new posters for the 2012 Olympics. And most of these don't even relate too the Olympics.

    Apparently they're going too promote the games. I don't see how these pieces of "art", are relevant to anything sporting.

    Take a look.

    BBC News - In pictures: London 2012 posters

  2. seriously? I'm already hanging my head in shame at our olympics
  3. Arty farty rubbish IMO.A little like the story of the King's New Clothes where only the clever people can see them and how wonderful they are.It does make you wonder what the rejects were like if these are the winners.
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  4. Whats with the black & white lesbian. Pile of new age shit. Lets celebrate Britain. The Britain of Shakespeare, Burns, Wellington, Churchill, Wilberforce, Davison,Scott, Shackleton,Cook,Dickens,Darwin,Montgomery,Drake,HenryV,James Stuart, Samuel Pepys, Rob Roy........
  5. Thank God I don't live or commute through London and have to see this lame excuse for "art and the Olympics". I had hoped that France would have won the event. I for one will not watch this gathering of drug doping atheletes on the TV. I'll be too busy watching the Pakistani Cricket team bowling "no balls". :sleepy2:
  6. But it's not about Britain, it's about the Olympics.

    I thought some, certainly not all, were pretty good. Art isn't about photographic images, photography does that. These images are clearly meant to be symbolic, and as with all art, it is in the eye of the beholder. Personally I found image 4 particularly effective.
  7. I would like to see a bunch of pin stripe suited, bowler hatted, white city types waiting for a bus that roars by them full of others dressed the same. They then look exasperated, shrugg their shoulders and wait for the next one. That would be great in the opening ceremony, however me thinks it will end up "multiple-cultural" with people arriving on the back of lorries or pretending to take part in great sporting events, then queuing in the benefits office to push wheel barrows full of cash back to their rent free accommodation.

    Or is that just me????
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  8. Aye it is in the eye of the beholder and this beholder thinks that all the images are crap and totally unrepresentative of the Olympic Games, it does lead me to wonder just who are the bunch of jokers that made the final selection on our behalf?
  9. I saw some daft twat on breakfast tele the other day explaining what the images meant......utter already said..the Emperors New Clothes......reminds me of doing one of those Rorschach Tests...and saying " I can see the struggle between the inner belief trying to overcome society's prejudices against the freedom of expresion...." Nah it's another ******* butterfly mate !!!!
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  10. why can't art just be art? I can appreciate art, but I don't need some trendy student to re-interpret a style and make it look ridiculous, while trying to find hidden meanings.
  11. Lefty, weak self-congratulating bollocks.

    They would do better to bend to popular will.

  12. But that is 'art just being art'. In addition to aesthetic value art is about interpretation and meanings (hidden or otherwise).
  13. Its still shit...
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  14. If you don't understand art then quite frankly you are a thick philistine who probably has meaningless Ikea prints covering up the colour of poverty on your walls and are wholly beneath me.
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  15. OK. *waves white flag*

    Middle minge wins it for me.
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  16. Yes, I know I'm a Philistine.

    Yes, I know it's art.

    But it's still shite.
  17. Bollocks.

    You've never even been to Philist.

    Edit: Anyway - art is meant to provoke an emotion, not necessarily a positive one.

    Job done.
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  18. So is a punch in he face...
  19. Only if you're a fanny. Otherwise it's intended to render the recipient unconscious.

    Thick and soft?

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