LOM(TSM) Billy McFarlane RIP

Passed away 2 weeks ago of Heart Attack. Funeral last Thursday. 44 years of age, and sadly missed, a great man, full of fun, full of life. Had been outside for 3 years, Polaris and Trident man.
Goodbye my friend.

Just to let any old shipmates know.
How sad , so young , Vale and RIP

Departed Comrade! Thou redeemed from pain,
Shalt sleep the sleep that kings desire in vain;
Not thine the sense of loss,But lo, for us the void
That never shall be filled again.
Not thine , but ours , the grief.
All pain is fled from thee
And we are weeping in thy stead;
Tears for the mourners who are left behind,
Peace everlasting for the quiet dead.
Thank you for posting this.

I knew BillyMac from LS(TSM)'s course and then later on we met up again on Revenge. He always had a smile and really was a great laugh.

Sad sad news
I was at Billy's funeral such a sad day lots of old shipmates were there ,it shows how well liked Billy was .
He will be sorely missed.
God bless Billy.

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