LOL Yet another set-back!

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by creddly, Feb 9, 2007.

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  1. Hi again people.

    Visited AFCO yesterday with my Army Discharge Papers.

    Initially it was a bit of a nuisance. The Sergeant on the main desk was quizzing me about the Army while I was waiting for the Navy Officer to photocopy my Army Discharge Papers. - I think he was trying to recruit me back in the Army... then gave up! lol

    Then I went into a small office with the Navy Officer. I was a bit annoyed I couldn't address him by his rank because I couldn't see his uniform as they were all wearing jackets and he pointed out the reason they were wearing them was because the heater was broke and it had been -8 all day in there.

    He basically told me that I'd have to wait further to fill out an application because the Army's got to give consent for the Navy to process me now! - Which in a way is good news because I've got time to look for a job and very likely get that Level 1 Diploma. But then again, that's pure wishful thinking. He could phone up tomorrow and say the Army has responded, or it could be another 6 weeks. As strange as it sounds, I hope it's the latter because I'll have more time to prepare then.

    Went through my job choices with him - told him AET or ET(WE). He asked out of the two which I preferred the most. I said ET(WE) so he pulled out two information leaflets. One on ET(WE) and... no not AET... but ET(WE) Submariner. He then went through Submarines with me and told me to think about the possibility of that. He said he was a Weapons Engineer 'Tiff' and he's done both and definitely preferred being a Submariner. He said it's less Formal and you get on better with your fellow Sailors. Also consistently went on about it being far more money. But this threw me a bit because I haven't even thought about the money up until now.

    I told him about this site and he seemed to respond with contempt. He said "Gather your information from a valuable source like the Royal Navy website and not the opinions of people who's joined and are filling you with bitter memories because they haven't enjoyed their time and vice versa people who have joined this branch and loved it and are trying to force their views on you"

    He said he wasn't trying that, he's just trying to help and trying to explain that it's more money, a quicker way in, etc. He did clarify that it's my choice and it's up to me what I choose at the end of the day.

    I will read the document but I doubt it'll sway me from wanting to work on a 'target' - A target equipped with an automated weapons system that'll take down a Mach 2 Russian SS-N-22 Sunburn after 5.5 seconds of recognition.

    So all in all it was sort of good news for me that it's delayed further. It gives me the chance to complete the Diploma and stick it down.

    Good news that was topped off with a brilliant film (Hannibal Rising) and a glorious live show with the genius that is, Ricky Gervais (He was hilarious)
  2. Quote- will read the document but I doubt it'll sway me from wanting to work on a 'target' - A target equipped with an automated weapons system that'll take down a Mach 2 Russian SS-N-22 Sunburn after 5.5 seconds of recognition -Unquote.

    Do we have such a thing??????? :grin: :grin:

    Creddly, do your own thing mate, and if that "Tiff" thinks we're all morons on this site, then that's up to him. Tiff's are like that, can't help it :wink:
  3. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    If you talk to a Tiff (SM) in the AFCO, he'll advise you to go Tiff (SM); if you talk to a WAFU, he'll advise you to do the same; ad nauseum. As Stripey_G says, do you own thing. We want individuals in the RN, not morons!

  4. As an ex wafoo I would obviously advise AET however when I left the RN after 22 years I had the good fortune to work with submariners for a couple of years. They were great guys and seemed to enjoy the life, good training and as a technician loads of opportunities in the afterlife. Could say the same about the general service technicians though. So at the end of the day pick one of them out of the hat, I'm sure you will enjoy any of them.
  5. Cheers for advice fellers.

    That's a good idea slim.

    I just can't imagine anything good about being under the sea?

    Don't you start to panic and want to see the sky and have some fresh air? lol

    So what's in them when you're off duty?

    Call me naive, but I just think it's a boiler-roomesque boat under the sea!

    I will be taking into consideration and of course it's a good bit of money in the Subs but I just don't know what to do.

    I'll think about it!

    Yes, it's called a 'Goalkeeper CIWS :grin:

  6. Now you have just gone and upset the sun dodgers, creddly
  7. If you volunteer for deck duties whilst at sea you'll get plenty of opportunities to improve you swimming and diving skills! Think of the other advantages: an ALL MALE crew, beards galore, plenty of time to watch the latest DVD or learn Uckers, no seasickness in roughers (a major consideration) and the opportunity to snuggle up to a torpedo. Now how many matelots have ever slept alongside dozens of torpedos AND enjoyed the company of their special sock!

    Or am I just fantasizing.... :wink: Civvy.
  8. to be honest tiffs are just up there own arses the branch dont even exist any more... et we are the new technicians
  9. I think this attitude to the tiffs that you are going to be working with ET will almost certainly mean that you will be wanting to phone home pretty quickly.

    You seem to forget that these tiffs are already technicians. As an ET untill you reach leading hand you are just a gofor.
  10. How to win friends and influence people......

    So what're you going to tell a killick WEM when you meet one?
  11. At least his writing skills are improving! :mrgreen:
  12. yummm okay... didnt mean it that way like...

    i have a PO tiff teaching us and there sound but like he said ETs will be taking over as the new technicians... i was writing that as my time went so had to come to the chaplincy...

    the ET(we) course in collingwood is still classed as a wem course as its still changing over..

    okay happy know... wasnt anything against tiffs.

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