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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by Hash, Oct 7, 2006.

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  1. I'm about to leave new entry and its time to select a Branch. It is between Logs & GSSR - please can I have some opinions about the two alternatives. What weekend training do you do & how often? What things do you do on Drill nights? Operational roles? General views?

    Please leave positive stuff only. I'm not interested in why the other branch is crap.

  2. I am in GSSR which is basically a security temping agency for the RN. If you like rifle shooting then GSSR is for you. Load of opportunities, the courses are good and sea time is likely.
  3. I'm sure our favourite loggie, Jesse, will chip in here, but logs will give you the opportunity to get things like your fork lift licence, HGV etc, but not sure what satisfaction the role gives.

    GSSR is SA80, security and Force Protection. More of a buzz, but can be boring when you're stood on watch for a few hours. Plus the chance to be shot at.

    But then again I understand logs require weapons training now anyway.

    Best thing to do is have a chat with your oppos in the mess. That's what it's there for. :D
  4. it's nice to know someone loves me :D
    and BJer is right talk to your oppos in the mess to find out what's going on in what branches and listen to what they're dripping about it'll give you a better idea of what's going on rather than a branch presentation.

    but loggies, at the jr level tend to be lifters and shifters (and glorified taxi drivers :? )

    Fleet seems to be happy with the way that our branch has shaped up and are moving us into more and more "hairy" situations which is why we have to be SA80 trained now(just in case :wink: )

    as to training, there's all the domestic stuff, a basic 2 week training course a fairly comprehensive task book as well as training CDrom, as well as where-ever there is a fleet-ex/op there will be a loggie or two nearby assisting in getting all the PMC (Pax/mail/cargo) to the TG/TF so plenty of ex-uk work available as well.
    there are 3 w/e a training year of which we are supposed to do two. the only specialist driving we do is either Landy or Forklift.
    At the mo we've got guys/girls all over the world, I've been to the US and I'm going to Eygpt so yeah we're kept busy by Fleet....... :D :D
  5. Hash - why have you discounted MTO?
  6. I hate to burst your SA80 bubble but the new policy on weapons is that everyone is able to apply for their 518. Some units have managed to ignore this. The orginal policy was booted after Telic 1.

    Besides EVERYONE who deploys to any theatre of operations is required to be weapons trained.
  7. Thanks for the replies so far... keep them coming

  8. Thanks for your indepth and well thought out assessment of the GSSR (RNR) role within the RN..... :twisted: :twisted: ....just wondered have you done any SPO operationally!!

    In your considered opinion would you then claim the Logs branch to be the temporary warehouse/fork lift drivers of the RN as well..!!!
  9. Hear hear WM!

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