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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by bluevillain, Sep 23, 2010.

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  1. Just posing the Question
    Will they ever be phased out. Its now 2010 is there still a case for the branch to exist.
  2. You having a laugh. Grunters having to do shit for themselves never in a million years. :twisted:
  3. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    You've got to put the sharpest tools somewhere mate, are you a steward?
  4. Prob Right mate,
    They would use the excuse of them being First Aiders in action I suppose.
  5. Officially back to being called Stewards again.


  6. Who else would peel and de-pip my grapes?
  7. Peel and de-pip your grapes? Sounds painful... :D
  8. On the basis the Chief's mess have a mess-man, why not keep them? Having Stewards is a privilege afforded to the Wardroom, but entry to the Wardroom is merit-based, and about 40% of Officers are UY/SUY, so it's not like we're reserving the privilege to the sons and daughters of Admirals is it?
  9. On my last ship with a crew of about 80 officers and men plus 10 to 20 subcontractors.We got by with 6 stewardesses on two 12 hour shifts without any problems.No separate dinning we all troffed and had our recreation in the same place and no one was waited on.The stewardesses functions were laundry, between deck cleaning and giving a hand in the galley.
    One of the advantages of the mixed ranks dining and recreation were as I saw it. We were and able to freely exchange ideas regarding work, safety and social not just on shift but also in our free time at sea and on runs ashore.
    But then again we were a commercial enterprise with a differant culture, traditions and function.Maybe just one or two lessons could be learned from the commercial side. But then again probabley not when tradition and culture are to be reckoned with. :wink:
  10. Exactly. The Armed Forces run on privilege; from AB1's being able to sit in the mess after secure, instead of having to do Taskbook training, to Admirals having Personal Staff. If you don't like it, go and join a commune - commercial organisations are just the same.
  11. Oh! back to Soup Jockey, Beagle then :wink: ... any more ??
  12. Logs Pers is Writer to you and me.

    Logs CS D is Steward to You n Me
  13. Chef, Std and Writer have all reverted back.

    Jack dusty has stayed at the new title of Supply Chain (Known as SC).


  14. Great, a Defence review underway, Raleigh mothballed for months for new intakes and some bright spark decides that it'll be fun to spend dosh amending bumf, adjusting webpages back to old job titles and no doubt signalling it URGENT to one and all.
    "Well FSL I've had a brill idea, to save on ink and typing time we'll not put Logs Pers in front of the Branch name anymore that should impress the SDSR people, eh?"
    "Make it so."
    The more things change.... etc.
  15. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Hey, NZB, lets leave the thinking to Jack, They're making us look good. :p
  16. Well thats told me, I was under the misguided impression that successful organisations were run on merit not privilege. :oops:
  17. merit does not rule out privilege. With the possible exception of John Lewis, name a FTSE 100 firm where the CEO/Chairman is treated exactly the same as a shop floor worker....
  18. :oops: Not blessed with good bosses, in the UK are we :wink: :wink: Hope the Modern Andrew is not the suffering same fate :roll:
  19. Privilege as a reward for merit yes of course but not run on privilege as you said.You will find very few in the FTSE top 100 run on privilege alone :wink:
    And as you say John Lewis seems to be getting by quite well with limited privileges for it's CEO if it isn't they need to shitcan the CEO and get some one in with more merit,it's all relative :lol:
  20. Hmmm, one can think of several gentlemen who by your yardstick had more merit than I. Must have been a bl00dy short stick.

    Just having the overly false Home Counties accent appears to add to the "merit" point total.

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