Logo - quick feedback needed!


War Hero
I like the idea, don't like the skull & crossbones, would prefer a proper white ensign especially with a cartoon ship :thumright:
Just spoke to the guy who'll be doing it. He'll be starting either late this month or February so we've got a bit of time to get some good ideas together. I like the idea of the ensign + dagger. I'll have a quick go at the ship idea tomorrow.


War Hero
Not old enough to have been given the tot but, how about the ship resting in a ladle (doubt thats spelt right) as in signifying a measure of rum, with the handle of the ladle curling over at the top to form one of the letter "R"s in RR?
Thanks for the feedback on here. I liked the skull and cross bones and thought I'd cracked it, so it's been very helpful to be put right. I'll post some example of the work of the guy who'll be doing it for comment. Got to fix the wiki first though. Back in a moment.
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