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(I rather like the quote:not on alcohol, tobacco, knives or violent video games etc:unquote)

"Today in ********** three youths, armed with heaving lines and chipping
hammers, held up the owner of the ******* SPAR Shop, getting away with
fifty quid and ten bottles of Head and Shoulders. The shop owner, Mister
Ravi Shankar said, "I did not see any of their faces, because they had
Royal Navy White Fronts pulled over them with slits for their eyes"

The police are looking for three white youths, all dressed as Jolly Jack
Tar, with the words "HMS HOODIE" on their Number 1 cap tallies.
Posted: Thu Mar 27, 2008 1:47 pm Post subject: Re: the latest in the RAF range
As usual the crabs are behind the curve!


Have a nice day y'all
Semper in excremento, sole profundum qui variat.

Not only are the RAF behind the curve so is Billy no mates!

Have a nice day
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