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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Yorkey, Mar 24, 2010.

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  1. I heard recently that the RN has suspended or heavily reduced the number of places for female logistics officers over the next few years. I'm not entirely sure if this is wholly accurate but thought it might be useful for anyone in the know to clarify the issue for those ladies on the forum that might be interested in a Logistics career.

    Mod Edit: Really? Please state the source.
  2. Re: Female Logistics Officers

    I hope not, I just changed my application to logistics officer :(
  3. Re: Female Logistics Officers

    No reason why the mob should, now f*ck of and wind somebody else up
  4. Re: Female Logistics Officers

    So does this mean it's like a year or more just to get an AIB date? 8O
  5. Re: Female Logistics Officers

    No, the person at my board with the fastest turnaround time from application to AIB was a female Logistics candidate. If you are good enough you will get in, give it your all and don't let the figures put you off!
  6. Re: Female Logistics Officers

    Fair enough, I took it as you can get an AIB date (allbeit with a bit of a delay) but you have to be extremely good to get in. The girl I reffered to didn't pass, but she did get a date in March after applying in November. Apologies if my comment was misleading and things have got worse since then.
  7. Re: Female Logistics Officers

    Oh, with that I was. If you go and blow them away with how good you are and get better scores than anyone else competing for a place on that intake then you will get a place. Thats what they claim anyway.
  8. Re: Female Logistics Officers

    Bear in mind the fact that candidates who go through BRNC need a post to go on to afterwards ......... if the posts just aren't there, what do you do?
  9. Re: Female Logistics Officers

    I think we are all arguing a similar thing.

    I am not saying they will put more people through than they have jobs for, i'm saying even if they only have 10 spots at BRNC for Logistics, it makes no difference if you passed a year ago or a month ago, if you do well enough to put yourself in the top 10 people being considered then you will get a place - it is the good thing about the performance based system they use.

    I don't think we have yet reached the point where they are taking on NO Logistics officers into BRNC, until we do there will still be a chance for the very best candidates to get in.
  10. Re: Female Logistics Officers

    I was told there's one place remaining for the January intake for female logs
  11. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    Re: Female Logistics Officers

    There is no gender biased quota, I suspect it would be illegal. Having worked there and in the HQ, I know each branch has entries based upon a forward looking requirement calculation reaching out over a long period.

    All I will say is as we reach the SDR the future requirement gets harder to predict, perhaps some branch/requirements managers are being cautious.

    Perhaps its no issue at all - more likely!
  12. Re: Female Logistics Officers

    The position may have altered now that females can serve on boats but the quotas that you refer to have in mind the requirements of both surface fleet and submarines, until a few weeks ago if they took on 10 females but required 8 people to serve on boats then they'd be pretty screwed. It's not illegal because it's a qualifying factor.
  13. Re: Female Logistics Officers

    To be honest at the moment the Logistic officer post is over subscribed, but that said they will always need a small number to keep it topped up. They are currently trialling taking women to sea on the V boats and it may well be possible to take woman to sea on all submarines in the future. But whilst women can not serve on submarines the requirement is always going to be less than the male candidates.

    The shortage officer places at the moment are Warfare (X, X(SM), FAA), Engineering (WE) and Royal Marines


  14. Re: Female Logistics Officers

    It hasn't happened yet, as I said they are only just trialling it


  15. Ha I would very much like to have inside information. I was informed on an acquaint down at Collingwood last week that all branches are now open to females including boats and diving, but I'm quite certain that SM's knowledge is greater than mine.

    Haven't got my AIB date yet, hopeful for mid-May.
  16. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Submariner trades & Diver are not open to female applicants at this moment in time.

    It may well be changing, but it most certainly hasn't happened yet.

    Whilst AFCOs may sometimes be unaware of recent developments within the operational fleet (hence the reason we employ loan ratings from operational units & have regular Careers Adviser update briefs), we are generally aware which applicants meet the current eligibility criteria, ahead of the operational fleet.
  17. Thanks for the clarification NS, I can only reiterate that this was mentioned by Lt Commanders and Commanders at Collingwood and at the Diving centre, where they have gained this information and certainty I do not know. As for my AIB I'm not actually interested in specialising in either branch.
  18. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Rest assured the DDS may well have already processed the odd female Diving Officer from the Warfare Officer trade because they are employed as Dive Supervisors, who generally restrict getting in the oggin to keep themselves "in date" for bubblehead pay or if they happen to be in the gemini inflatable when it gets "goffered".

    From a recruiting perspective there are categorically no females joining as Diver ratings at present, although it is certainly being looked at.

    My guess is that the said individuals indicated it was soon to happen, which may well have been construed differently. Having been in the service for many years, I'm all too aware that all manner of things are claimed by aspirant joiners, so cannot get particularly excited splitting hairs about what may or may not happen very soon.
  19. Here Hear!!!!! (come on bite)



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