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Hey guys,

Newbie here, I'm currently applying to join as a logistics officer and have a few questions;

Approx how much time do you spend at sea? The recruiter said approx a month per year however can be 6 months deployments etc

What are the chances of being based close to home eg scotland? Once again was told once you pass out you will have 2 or 3 options? But reading some other posts that seems unlikely

Is there much difference between a logistics officer Submariner and regular logistics except for the obvious lol?

Finally if anybody here is currently in the role and can give me some feedback on how they are enjoying the role that would be much appreciated.

Many Thanks


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If you are a male (which I presume you are), you will be put on submarines at some point. This is due to logistics officer being full of females and a shortage of submarine logistics officers.
airborne_artist said:
The recruiter said approx a month per year however can be 6 months deployments etc
Someone was having a laugh, surely? Did you ask if you then got five years ashore after doing a six month deployment?
To be honest didn't think it sounded right, but still how long are you guys out at sea for?
You will do some sea time in your training, but lets leave that apart.

Your first loggie job will be a shore job, then your one sea job as a lieutenant, before multiple shore jobs, increasingly in places hot and sandy these days.

If you get to Lt. Commander you might get another sea job, but that will be many years down the line from when you join up. It is not a sea going role for the vast majority of your career.

If you go Sumbariner, you will do one sea job as a Lt but the chances of gap filling and doing bits and pieces here and there is more due to shortages of males. The job onboard is similar but you have additional responsibilities such as periscope watches and helping out in areas where surface loggies wouldn't get involved. In addition you do your BSQ to get your dolphins at the start of your sea job which involves learning about the systems onboard etc.

Submarine pay and the Golden Hello make it quite a bit more a year once qualified too.


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Frizz, unless you are really against going on submarines, Id definitely reccomend you go for submarine logistics officer. As the man above me mentions, youll get a far more hands on and interesting job, better pay and, (from what I hear) promotion to Lt commander and beyond is easier to come by in the Submarine logistics branch due to it being a shortage branch.
frizz83 said:
Sorry yes i'm male 26, too old for warfare :( was thinking of applying for submarines, think you get a 5k welcome
Are you sure they won't let you go warfare because of your age ? Being a loggy ain't exactly the windswept and interesting way of a life I would have chosen as a young thruster...loggies all seemed to get fat and unhealthy from sitting down counting beans all day.

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