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Hi Guys,

I've got my AIB at the end of September, which I am, of course, studying hard for!

The one thing that I am getting stuck with, is the training for a Logistics officer and what rankings I will be at certain points.

When (if) I get to BRNC I know it's 28 weeks made up of 2 x 14 week terms. After passing through both phases of this and eventually passing out what will my ranking be then?

For Logistics I believe I then have a 6 month initial logistics course and HMS Raleigh - which once passed will lead to my first appointed Logisitics officer post.

What will my rank be after that? and aswell what other training will be within that?

At BRNC you will be an Officer Cadet, regardless of previous experience, however when it comes to pay there is about a £14k divide between graduates and non-graduates.

Graduates pass out of Dartmouth at Sub-Lieutenants (those with Masters can apply for this to be taken into consideration for enhanced seniority, become a Lieutenant earlier.) Pay ranges around the £29-£32k mark.

Non-Graduates pass out of Dartmouth as Midshipmen (the Heroes of the Royal Navy) various levels of previous related experience or half completed degree can have additional seniority attached to them, before passing out of Dartmouth future Midshipmen earn around £15k, which goes up to around £24k upon passing out of Dartmouth.

RN/RM Rates of Pay as of April 2009: http://www.royalnavy.mod.uk/upload/pdf/MoD_Rates_Leaflet.pdf

After leaving Dartmouth, ILOC and SFT (Specialist Fleet Time) will follow.

Promotion to Lieutenant is automatic provided you stay in the service long enough, 2 Years Seniority to Sub-Lieutenant, 3 Years from that to Lieutenant. So a graduate joining Dartmouth tomorrow will be a Lieutenant 2 years from that date, whilst a Midshipman has to wait a staggering 5 years.
Puss_in_boats said:
No Chris,

We are Logistics Officers now but we used to be Supply Officers and we'll always be "Pusser"!

Oh and SAs aren't called SAs any more!

Cheers my lover,old NC can sleep safer in his pit knowing that :wink: 8)

Ps whats an SA called now
Puss_in_boats said:
Trust me Shipwreck you'll sleep more soundly if you don't think about it - I think there's a thread dedicated to it somewhere on here but it makes my head ache.
I`ll take a peep later when ive more time ,thankyou for your time and patiance with me,ferk me i am being nice and civil tonight arnt i :wink:

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