Logistics Officer: Will I be Stuck at Port?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by JayCam, Aug 20, 2007.

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  1. I am currently applying as a logistics officer and I have a completely unfounded fear that in this role I might be stuck working at port alot as opposed to going out to sea. Could anyone in this job or with knowledge please comment? One of my main reasons for joining the RN is to experience life at sea and I would be most annoyed if I was stuck to work on a port...


  2. I'm in the exact same position as you and applying for "Logistics officer". Plus I'm very keen on acquiring sea-faring experience too. However, to the best of my knowledge, although there is some seagoing experience during training, this will only be for a short time. After training it's 100% land-based all the time for most Logistics officers, AFAIK. Not perfect (like any job), but good enough for me. All the best,
  3. Is logistics officer what used to be supply officer?
  4. Yes it is and don't worry you two, there will be plenty of sea time :)
  5. That's what I thought!

    Every ship has a Supply officer (Logistics officer now then)
  6. Don't forget the Captains Sec, when I joined the Glasgow we had a seaman type Sec (who called himself the correspondance officer, but no body else did), but we ditched him and got a baby SO, and we had a SO as sec on the Glasgow
  7. We had a Lt pusser on 814sqdn as well, so maybe a poss sea draft there.
  8. Dammit! One of the main reasons I want to join is to go to sea.. so Logistics Officer isnt looking like a good option. Does anyone if there is another commissioned career I could follow without an engineering degree that isnt warfare officer (because of my eyes). As far as I can see (excuse the pun) there isnt!

    I think I am going to have to look into joining as a rating, I would rather take the lower pay than work on shore.

    This just gets more and more complicated as it goes on!

  9. Ok.. fourth option is: Air Traffic Control Officer

    I will post a new thread asking about that!

  10. Nout wrong with starting at the bottom fluff, I was willing to to do it if I had failed the AIB.
    Air Taffic Controller sounds cool though! Have you thought about the Merchant Navy, RFA... etc? They take Deck Officers with dodgy eyes and the scope of ships you can work on is vast. The Merchant Navy isn't even 1/10th as cool as being in the RN but if going to sea is your main objective you could always look into it. Let me know, I will hook you up with some links.
  11. Sara, the MN has a long history of taking on cadets purely as a tax avoidance exercise. For example, a company with no cadets will pay £1 million per year in tax. Same company with just TWO cadets will pay £100K in tax :)
    At the end on their training, the (now ex) cadets are sacked as there are no jobs and the next two cadets are brought on to the books.
  12. JayCam - I think that the only officer career path that includes loads of sea time is Warfare (they are not much use for anything else in their early years). For any engineering or logistics path you are looking at 2/3 jobs. I'll be amazed if Air traffic Controller (fairly specialised) has as much sea time as Eng/Logs. Based on your degree and eyesight I would suggest that Logs is your best bet.
  13. Don't get to fixed on the idea of spending all your time at sea shippers. a few years down the line with a wife and child you may be gald of a lesser ship/shore ratio. If you want sea time, it's always available in some form or another. If you're good enough to be an officer, go for it. There's nothing worse than hating your boss and knowing you could run the show better, having had the chance to and thrown it away. Do some more thinking first.
  14. No nothing at all but if I would rather be getting twice the salary. I am keeping my options open though regarding entry as a Rating so I will have to see how things play out.

  15. I was told that while at an interview for a well know cruise liner in Dover! However, the company I applied for offered me a contract with 5 years guaranteed employment post cadetship. I turned it down for other reasons, the RN.
    Surely the RFA are a little more credible?
  16. One would certainly hope so! :)
  17. Coolio, I was tempted to join the RFA at one point. You having a good day Lamri? You seem to have left your arsey head firmly on the pillow this morning. x
  18. I am no different to yesterday Sara, but you aren't being ignorant (imo) today :)

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