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I'm looking everywhere for information on the training pipeline for an LO and can't really find much. I went on an aquaint course a while ago; however that aspect of the course had to be cut short due to lack of time...

I know that you can specialise as an accountant or go into law, but I can't find much out about the pipeline from ILOC to LO. Does anyone know any more information or where I can get more some?

I know I need to know this information in detail for AIB and I'm worrying that I'm not that well-informed.

Any help is greatly appreciated :)

Goodness me SJRM, I hadn't realised I had got a reply to that question, my apologies for not thanking you sooner!

I was wondering if it's possible to contact the logistics school for them to send over info on the Logistics Officer training pipeline? Is there a number/e-mail to contact, or any hidden gems online that I haven't come across...I am aware of the basics (thanks SJRM) but I'm scared I don't have enough detail. My AIB is in Febuary.

Thanking everyone in advance!

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Then on to ILOC(M) which is 8 months long, with the middle 4 months being at sea completing ALO's time. During ILOC you will also complete JOLC1 (Junior Officers Leadership Course 1) and DO's (Divisional Officers) course. On completion of ILOC(M) you will go to your first job, which will usually be a land based appointment, such as a Squadron LO on an air station. Second or third job will be as a DLO at sea, unless you have volunteered for S/M service, in which case it will be as LO on a boat. You should be in zone for Lt Cdr at around the 6 year mark, after promotion to Lt. You will probably have 1 more sea job as an LO on a DD/FF or DLO on a Capital Ship.

Thanks for this SJRM, it's invaluable! Would you be able to clarify a couple of the acronyms though (stoopid question alert)? What does the (M) stand for in ILOC(M), and what does DD/FF stand for? I would have thought, taking a stab in the dark, that (M) stands for Maritime?

On a more positive note the rest of the MLAs make complete sense :toothy3:

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