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I am a serving RAF Supply Officer and am due to be interviewed next week for a transfer to the RN Logistics branch. My preference is for subs (hopefully bombers) I was wondering whether any current or recent loggies would be able to advise me on whether the branch is recruiting for logs offcr submariners at the moment. Would you recommend the lifestyle?
Depends what rank you are, given the gender mix in the branch then opting for SMs is quite easy.

I'm not a submariner, although I have worked in them quite extensively, so couldn't go into much depth about the logs job. All officers, standfast marine engineers, spend quite a lot of time in the control room watchkeeping though which is pretty good.
I had a friend in the late 60s who as an artificer was made redundant by the RN His wife worked to put him through university and the next time I saw him he was a Flight Lt engineering officer at Honington. (He also had to pay back his redundancy money).
Also knew a Flt Lt Dave Lasky on 800 sqdn He was an RAF navigator. Many years later met him again as a Naval Lt Observer on Ark Royal. Great guy known to all as mini crab due to his stature. A nickname that remained even as a naval officer.
In both cases they change of service did not seem to affect either of them and they soon settled down in their new environments.
I reckon you'll soon be at home in the sardine can!
You might want to talk to the disappointer then, it sounds like you might be a touch too senior as an SO3, although I don't know what rank the LO in a bomber is. SSNs the LO is usually a mid seniority Lt who has another job under his belt already.

First jobs as a Deputy LO tend to focus on the admin side of life, acting as Captains Sec, running the cash etc in a surface ship.

In terms of prospects it is a pretty good option, Logs branch don't get tied to surface/ SM in the same way that warfare and engineers do so it gives you a broader exposure and a good understanding of the warfare side of life which the surface onle community don't get. I'm not convinced that the LOs on my various steamers have known where the Ops Room was never mind understood what we did in there.
dhoby_bucket said:
GJT59 said:

I am a fg Off with just over 6 years service. Is a stint on subs a good career move?

Is promotion slow in the RAF then????
Can be, but it does depends on branch. A station I was on had an Admin Flt Lt picked up to Sqn Ldr with about 4 years seniority, in the RN you can't even be considered until 6 years. Equally I was working with IntOs who had 10 or 12 years before they were really in the frame for consideration as Sqn Ldr material.

And where a 12 year Lt is quite unusual in the RN a 12 yr Flt Lt was quite common in a couple of branches.
I commissioned aged 18 as a non-grad. Time to Flt Lt is 6.5 years post-IOT, so I pick mine up jan 08. Most of my graduate peers were flt lt many moons ago.....

My background is in air movements (dont shoot me) and USAS management
Bollocks, just realised that I cocked up the ranks, which kind of goes to show that Flg Offs are few and far between in some areas.

LO in an SM is perfectly achievable for you.

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