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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by Submarine1, Sep 23, 2013.

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  1. Hi guys

    Just a couple of questions please..

    1) Is it correct that if you join as a Logistics Officer (SM) then you will only be on Submarines for 24 months and thereafter you'll be shore based!?

    2) If I was to join as a "Rating" how would I go about getting promotion to commissioned officer? Is there a certain number of years you need to serve before applying for promotion?

    cheers ;-)
  2. Thanks for your reply:

    1) Why is it that you can't remain on board the submarine?! I was interested in this department, but if I can't stay in the submarine service then it is much less appealing for me...

    How does it work for Warfare Officer's (SM)?! Do they have to spend time onboard surface ships too?!

    2) Oh right thanks for the detailed info, I think I'll stick with the direct entry officer, although there are a lot of jobs in the rating department that appeal to me...

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  3. All that info is greatly appreciated ;-)

    So how about Writer's (SM)... Is it the same for them or can they remain on the submarine?!

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  4. Ok thanks dude...

    I am still interested in the Logistics Officer position but I'm just trying to get my head around all the new info. It doesn't go into much depth on their website... You never know, I might be grateful I have to leave the Submarine after 3 years, haha...;-)

    Is there only 1 Writer onboard the submarine or a few?!

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  5. 1 Writer/Leading Writer and a PO Writer (and don't call Jimbo a dude, it brings out the evil side ;) )
  6. Thank you 'WreckerL' ;-)

    Haha ok, he is a bit of one though

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  7. He is indeed.

    Allegedly. :D
  8. Haha...

    Say I applied to be a Writer, do you apply straight onto Submarines or do you have to do prior work?

    Is the Writer (SM) over subscribed or undersubscribed?!


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  9. Join as a Logistics (Supply Chain)(SM) rating, thats Stores Accountant on Boats in old money. Get your quals if not already got them, then get your CW papers raised and go LO. That way you will have spent some time on Submarines and will have a good idea if you like it or not.
  10. Wait times are always changing anyway, something which is a shortage now may not be so when it comes to your CA bidding on your place do beware of applying to get in faster.
  11. As requested....

    Yes, X(SM) can go GS, however that tends to happen because of 3 things:

    1. They fail SM Command Course, and then go to PWO Course. I know lots of Officers who've done this and were more successful than their SM contemporaries.
    2. They are forced to go X(SM) at IWO, and then exercise their right to return to GS after 5 years as a Submariner. Becoming less frequent as you are now recruited directly in SMs rather than press-ganged later on (although still can happen).
    3. They pass the Surface Warfare Command Exams and are then selected to Command either a P2000 (Lt RN, post-Navigator), a MCMV/FPV (Lt Cdr RN, post SM XO) or T23/PROTECTOR (Capt RN, post SM CO).
  12. To be honest I don't know much about the Writer (SM) position... I would appreciate any detailed info on what their day to day job involves!?

    The reason I'm interested in being a Logistics Officer is because it seems to give you a lot of responsibility early on in your career. Furthermore I like the responsibilities the job itself gives you... However as I say it is the Submarine job I am interested in so it is a difficult dilemma...
  13. Thanks again...

    Would you say there is a divide between Officers and Ratings?!

    Is promotion faster for Writers, as there is only 2 per boat?!

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  14. More chance to shine with only 2, conversely more chance to cock up and be noticed.

    As Jimbo says, you will also be a planesman when dived, keeping the boat on depth and on course. It's good aerobic exercise when you're at periscope depth and it's a bit bouncy.

    When your deep you can clutch in George (the autopilot) and just take it easy for a couple of hours.
  15. Not so much of a divide on boats, but there are some right ones out there.
  16. Oh right ok... I was watching the Submarine Mission Channel 5 programme last night and it definitely seemed as though there was one... However once you get up the ranks to PO it feels as though you get treated as an Officer pretty much. Is this the case?

    How long would you say it normally takes to become a PO in the Writer position?! Or any other positions for that matter?
  17. That depends on you and the state of the roster.

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