Logistics Officer Role

A few questions about logistic officer role

I have read the recruiting booklet which outlines the general responsibilities of a logistics officer but it doesn't go very in depth as what would be required on board the ship

I've seen an excellent walk through of a day as a warfare officer and wondering if another one for logistics existed?

Is it true that logistic officers get very little fleet time?

What are their promotion prospects when compared to warfare and engineering?

Finally are logistic officer role much more contested e.g. more applicants per place at AIB
Wake up, count beans, deny the issue of stuff to people who need it, survive slagging off of food in mess, go to bed, repeat until funny.

Serious answer in the morning, possibly.
SJRM is the local pusser, hopefully be along soon for a true dit.

Perception from the outside is that the Logs Branch is willing to promote it's Officers quickly if they're good enough.

The last 10 years or so of HERRICK and TELIC has produced a real cadre of operationally focussed logisticians, however there remains a small number of professional secretaries. These are the types who tend to do as little sea service as possible, talk about their 'principal' lots and, if female, wear far too much make up and nail polish. Those types give the branch a bad name among the general Officer population, no matter how useful they may be to senior Officers.

As for entry standard, they take people without an engineering degree who aren't able to meet the medical categories for Warfare or don't want to spend years of their life at sea. This automatically means there are masses of people to recruit from for entry into a small branch.
I can answer the question about contesting logistics officer places as I'd recently asked.Yes, it's heavily contested as you're competing against not only fellow potential officers, but approximately 7 other applicants for each officer "position" from other branches as there is a perception that its an easier job due to not having the same SUY requirements as every other branch.I had the opportunity of a walk around and your best bet would be to try and speak to one of the officers in Victory Building, your local AFCO should have the details, if not drop me a pm.

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