Logistics Officer - Deployment

Ok maybe deployment isnt the correct word but i was curious as to the amount of time at sea I would likely see as a logistics officer in the RN. I had heard that im likely to do no more than 2 periods at sea during my initial commision, and asides from that, i would be land based. So would it be a case of being deployed say to Dubai for 4-6 month, then period of leave then elsewhere or have i been told some tall tales...any advice or info you may be able to provide would be greatly appreciated

im awaiting for the requisite amount of mickey taking for my complete lack of understanding by the more senior members of the forum, suppose it keeps it near the top of the boards!!!

Matt - hopeful Loggie
I said dubai as was chatting to a friend of mine who is there right now as a warfare officer...was first place came into head...could just as easily be falklands, norway, faslane, portsmouth, oman.....

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