Logistics Officer Degrees/Quals


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Posted here, as any answers may be of interest to newbies.

Just doing some research for someone who's on a course and unable to access info.

In the course of becoming a Logistics Officer, what are the qualifications gained, in terms of degree, degree modules, professional quals etc?

The 'someone', already in, is interested in doing an OU degree. Also interested in the possibility of going for Loggie Officer in the future, and doesn't wish to duplicate any learning.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.


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Ok, so far I've come across a post that says you're offered a degree in Logistics Management from Lincoln Uni. Is this done, or is part of it done, as part of the loggies course? Or maybe does the loggies course equate to APL and thus shorten a degree if taken at some point in the future?


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Many thanks SJ. A swift google of that gives access to a DIN which, oddly, is not to communicated etc . . .

And on a general note, would an OU degree in Leadership and Management be an appropriate course of study?

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