Logistics officer career path prospects

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by d_taylor, Jul 23, 2006.

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  1. Lately i've been considering logistics as warfare has become less and less of an exciting prospect. The information on the RN website or at the AFCOs is minimal, I was wondering what the typical career path of a Logistics officer is, as in, do you get many sea drafts if you want them? Or are you cofined to shore jobs?

    One other vaguely connected question: Can Logistics officers do the boarding officer course and become boarding officers??

    Any help and info much appreciated!
  2. As a Logs Officer, you will have good prospects for a number of important shoreside DLO appointments. There is a constant need to inject dark blue to maintain a colour balanced purple. You will, of course, then be an expert on myriad matters of which you will have bugger-all experience and even less knowledge.

    It could be fun; go for it.
  3. As a loggie ossifer meself, ive researched this in great detail, and no, you arnt confined at all, in fact, they are very good at letting you decide what you want to do! Also, yes, you can do the boarding course, just have to apply through the specialist course area (RALEIGH in this case i think...)
  4. There is not really a specific boarding officers course (unless you're talking about the MAFF stuff done by MM/PP)

    On a FF/DD the boarding officers are those who volunteer (or are selected) for the job. To have the least impact on any watchbills, especially if on a deployment where there will be a considerable amount of boardings carried out they will ideally be selected from one of the departments other than the warfare department.

    I've been in a boarding party where the I/C was the Deputy Logistics officer in one watch and the DMEO in the other. My last ship one of the OOWs was one of the BOARDOs and he shat on the other OOWs by dropping out of the watchbill and didn't do any boardings, leaving them all to the DWEO

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