Logistics Officer Acquaint Course

Hi there,

I'm booked in for AIB in April, applying to Logistics. Firstly, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who posts on here. There's lots of useful information to be found on here which has been really helpful in my application so far.

Secondly, I'm booked onto a Logistics Officer Acquaint in March. Just wondering if anyone else has attended one of these and what sort of itinerary I can expect? I know I'll probably receive it all in the post in due course but thought I'd ask anyway. Cheers.



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Hi there Jenny :)

I haven't done a Logistics Acquaint but did sit my AIB as a potential Logistics Officer candidate last May and passed. Let me know if you've any questions. Others more knowledgeable than myself can help you with the Acquaint and any queries about the job itself.

Thanks for the advice - see, already I've learned something useful for the AIB interview.

"Can you tell me what the next stage of training is after BRNC?"
"Freezing my bits off at HMS Raleigh."


I wonder how they'd respond if I did actually answer in that way. Probably best to stay professional, just in case!
They would probably think you were a silly little girl, grasping at straws to be funny. And they would think you were retarded.
Congrats on getting your place at BRNC in Nov! I didn't realise the board had made their selection for November yet. Yes, there was a girl on my acquaint who was going to BRNC in May, so maybe speak to your AFCO about getting on an acquaint before you go. I know she found it really useful.

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