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After some advice here.

Passed AIB well (above average across the board according to debrief) and waiting for BRNC offer for Logistics Officer (GDE).

I understand that there are no places for September or January / February but are there places anticipated for May 2012?

I presume that the longer time goes on with no Logs places then the bigger the pool of successful AIB applicants who are fighting for these places?


Hey Crabbman,

I am also going for LO in September. Is it that they have already filled the September & January spaces or that there simply wasn't any?

Congratulations on the result. How difficult were the S/T/D calculations in the planning exercise? It's all I'm worried about.

Hope you get some good news soon.


Mikko - thanks.

From what I have been told places for Septemebr (limited) are filled and there are none in Jan / Feb.

So there will be some in May 2012 but with intense competition.

Despite my good scores and debrief I am not holding out too much hope and as my AIB pass expires around the same time I have to look for a decent job and then decide what to do if I get an offer of a place in May.

Logs is, possibly, the hardest branch to get into at this time.

So no news until next year (Feb / Mar I guess) and take it from there.

Any other LOGS out there have nay other information?


I'm slightly confused.

I have applied for Logs Officer ( submariner) and was told there was no September intake but there was going to be a January intake, although probably with no female officers.

I had been waiting for an AIB date since May and only recently got one for 13th of September, which I thought basically confirmed there would be no September intake.

Anyone know what is going on?

Edit - And does anyone know the exact date of the May intake? I always thought it was April.
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OK - so I'm not sure you can apply for Logs (Submariner) at least that is what i was told by the AFCLO as I am also looking to go into that area of Logs. Happy to stand corrected on that one though.

On another thread Magda has confirmed that she has also been told there is no Jan / Feb intake for any Logs (male or female) but if you have heard otherwise please let us all know so we can go back to our AFCLOs.

Also not sure that AIB dates are allocated based on your chosen branch - so I wouldn't read anything into your September 13th date with relation to Logs intakes. I don't think they take branch and possible intakes into consideration but again happy to stand corrected.

As for the date in May - no doubt we will find out if we are lucky enough to be offered a place.

Good luck on 13th September and keep us all informed of progress.

As always happy for someone with more experience / knowledge to correct any factual error i have made.

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Male applicants for Logs are deemed "Submarine capable", as no females can (currently) serve on boats. If as a male applicant you don't want to serve under the waves, you stand a slim chance of avoiding it.
BRNC intakes are worked around a 14 week term. Sep entry is the 12th this year.
The number of intakes may change next year as a possible redesign of phase 1 training is being looked at - so watch this space.
AIB process candidates as and when they get the paperwork through from the OCLC, and with consideration to the next intake, allocate board dates.
Crabbman - you are correct, the longer between intakes, the more candidates in the selection pool. However, if you have done well at AIB you stand a good chance of being selected. You do of course have the option of going back to improve your score at the 12 month point. With work (and 12months experience) you should do better...


What I meant was that I had my SIFT interview at the end of April/start of May and I asked for September entry. I just assumed because they gave me an AIB date after September that there was no September intake. This is based on pure speculation though.

As for submariner being separate altogether, I'm not so sure either. I know it is always listed as a separate job but I think the entry is somewhat linked. However, for me this does not matter anyway as I only want to do boats, so doesn't make a difference to me. From what I have heard it only really matters if you're male and don't want to do it, then it might limit your chances.

I think the original point holds true though, that logistics is a hard branch to get into so you should just go to AIB, give it everything you have then make plans as if you aren't going to get in. No point in sitting around waiting for something that might never happen!

( Edit: Phone Officers Careers Liaisons Centre this mornning, who confirmed that there was no September intake and that they do not yet know about January. He also confirmed something about maybe going to 4 intakes per year, so instead of January it might be February. )
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I heard from the TSO at BRNC that they do not expect there to be any Logistics Officer Cadets accepted to BRNC until at least May 2012. The standard is very high, there are a lot of candidates and (unfortunately) not all of us are able to serve on boats. As as already been said, the candidate pool increases with every Board which passes a Logs candidate, and so the selection board have the unenviable task of picking the best of a large number of very enthusiastic, clever, driven etc etc ;-) potential Logistics Officer Cadets.

As I's a girlie, I obviously fall into the "unable to serve on boats" category (sex change has been booked...) and have been told that, because I didn't do well on certain parts of the AIB, I am unlikely to receive a call/letter with an entry date soon, if at all, and certainly not before May 2012. I've also been told to contact the TSO and my ACLO nearer Christmas to see what the state of play is.

Hopefully, all the POCs going for Logistics come down with some mysterious dreaded lurgy, leaving the rest of us fighting fit and able to step into their (undoubtedly qualified but unfortunate) shoes. :-D

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