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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by ric0104, Nov 2, 2010.

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  1. Does anyone know the specialisations a Logistics Officer is able to go in to after completing there initial training and 1st appointments. I've looked everywhere on the RN website and have only been able to find two: legal training or management accounting training.

    Are these the only two or are there more?

    Any answers would be very much appreciated as I have my AIB next week and am aware i will need to know the training pipelines in depth?

    Thanks ric0104.
  2. A numbers of years ago it was unlikely you'd be offered the opportunity to go into chambers or management accountant training (which wasn't available back then) straight out of ILOC (JSOC for the older member of this forum).

    Not sure what the situation is now, but it's likely you'd have a junior post in a shore establishment or at sea (surface or submarine), for instance DLO, ASec etc.

    I's only once you've learned you trade as an LO that you would then get the opportunity to branch out. As well as the areas you highlight which require further (ie lengthy and expensive) training you may become a full blown LO, get involved in IT, PA to a flag Officer, run the R2 FLS team, instruct back in the Raleigh or Dartmouth etc etc.
  3. Thaat's great that You have offered great opportunity to go into chambers or management accounting training.I only know this two i.e legal training and management accounting training.

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