Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by trehorn, Nov 19, 2008.

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  1. What kind of stuff do you guys do on a weekly, monthly yearly basis.

    Thinking of swapping branches.

    (Standing by with checklist for all box stacking jovialities :thumright: )
  2. Absolutely nothing I'm afraid. I think that pretty much all of the Logs branch at one particular unit in the Midlands has transferred out in the last couple of months..

    Stick with the dabbers - you'll have more to do
  3. And you can go to somewhere hot for 2 weeks this summer for your ORT!
  4. Such as?
  5. Why dont you try being mobilised.....that will give you something to do and keep you occupied for a bit...!! :thumright:
  6. Thats one of the reasons i'm looking at a branch change.

    If I mobilise i don't fancy the RN's version of Group 4.
  7. Until you have been mobilised do you feel that you can make such a generalised statement

    Working in an up threat environment in the RNR is nothing like working for Group 4....!
  8. I'm not having a go at those who have been mobilised or the job that they do but i have spoken with many people who have been mobilised in AWFP and listening to their stories this particular job doesn't really appeal to me.

    The novelty of playing with guns has worn off. I was originally comms and would have been happy to stay in comms if they hadn't removed all the buntin stuff out of the job.

    For those who enjoy AWFP fair play to them and i couldn't and wouldn't knock them at all. Everyone has heard what a good job they're doing. I just don't think its not something that i'd be interested in doing for six months.

    I wouldn't do a job in civvy street that i didn't enjoy so why would i have a part time job doing something i don't enjoy?
  9. FERRET are after new people....

    I'm sure you'll find something there.
  10. the hot place for 2 weeks ORT has been mentioned in the last ETM - do you get the ETMs that I send out? If not PM me and I will sort it.
    The ORT that we have planned looks like a great programme and I hope everyone who has not got a 2 week career course booked next year approaches their RFPO and gets their name down pronto.
    On the subject of Branch Change, if you want to chat it over with me, please feel very free to PM me with mobile and I will do what I can to give you an honest (and no bull$h!t) conversation.
  11. SO2, I have the ETM regarding the sunny break next year and yes it does sound very inviting but if the work being done on a day to day basis doesn't interest someone then this won't change their mind. It may entice some of the newer members to join this branch but I've been in eight years and I'm looking a little deeper than face value.

    I would agree that it looks like some of the best organised training that the RNR has seen in a long time and well done to those who have planned it. I hope it lives up to all expectations.

    The thought i am giving to moving branch is not a decision i will take lightly. My closest friends are AWFP and undertaking training/deployments away from them is not something i would particularly look forward to but i believe i would get more job satisfaction in another branch.

    How do you know what job satisfaction you'll get if you've never been deployed i hear everyone shouting?

    You could be right. I have done the AWFP role on weekends and during two weeks ORT. While would agree that it would be different if i were doing it for six months etc etc that is kind of my point. The thought of doing that job for six months really doesn't interest me at all.

    Each to their own.
  12. Sounds to me like you are moving closer to the top af the time to deploy list!!!! :rambo:
  13. Trehorn have you considered doing any TEMs eg MW ?

    Might provide some new interest? Without dropping back to AB2...
  14. I looked at MW dunkers and attended the aquaint weekend last year. I really fancied MW (i intended to join the RN as a muppet) until they told me that once qualified for killick they would be looking to put me into the tasking authority. I sit all week in an office so the last thing i'd want to do is spend my RNR time sat in an office.

    oi, oi, oi, i have no problem being deployed at all if they need me. Despite my reservations about the branch i wouldn't shirk.

    Rumour (there's that word again!!!) has it that with the current climate there are so many stepping forward for mobilisation due to redundancies at home that some of the posts are to become FTRS. Jack gets a 2 yr contract and the MOD get to pay them less. Everybodys happy?
  15. That has already happened in some areas - UKMTO Dubai is now FTRS having started as Mobilisation - not sure about the rest of the team but that is certainly the case for the OIC
  16. TM
    PM Inbound - I might have something that you might like!
  17. Trust me, an MCMTA is nothing like working in an office!
  18. You may want to tell that to the guys selling it!
  19. Hmm...spent 4 months in a TA afloat during TELIC.....lots of filing, whiteboard filling, highlighting, rubbing out, writing signals, reading signals, large usage of a laptop, large amount of tea making and biscuit eating, daily meetings (briefings) even got to use a shredder.....WOOO!!

    Everyone likes to big up their own branch fair play..BUT!

    Sounds like working in an office and felt like working in an office.... I was glad to get back on the gangway to break the monotony of it...Sorry!!

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