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Logging in from iPad


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I can log in & stay logged in perfectly happily from my laptop.

When I try to log in from my iPad

1. I am told I am using the wrong password although it is the same that I log in with from the lappy


2. Just now a new nausea, I go to the site from my iPad and am clearly not logged in. I am then told that 'seaweed' is already in use and I can't log in (although I can browse the site OK as an anonymous visitor).

This is weird. What's happening please?
Not sure I can log in using PC, Laptop, Kindle Fire & Microsoft Phone well basically anything I try, so I revert you back to Wreckers Post
Or find a Tech head
I'm no IT expert but have you tried deleting your browsing history/cache? If using Safari go to Settings icon then Safari then Clear History and Website Data or delete history if using another browser.

Would also suggest a full power down of the iPad ie press button top right and slide to power off and leave for 5 minutes.
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