are there any RNR Loggies out there who have deployed on Herrick and willing to divulge their experience of it via PM (or email if they wish) if I drop them a line. I'm thinking about putting my name down, but want to speak/write to someone first. Nobody at my unit has deployed on Logs on said Op to ask them.

cheers easy


3 Commando Brig are going out in April 2011 and I'm just trying to get a feel of what I can expect to be doing, based etc if I am sucessful in getting there that is. Wasn't sure if I'd be stuck at the main bases folding blankets or actually out driving those IED infested roads or not!!!
I was on H9 - not a loggie though but lot of my mates were/ are RNR Logs. they were all at Bastion doing a variety of tasks. I know of one Snr Rate who was a KAF, but think they were doing a role more like their civvie role than logs. I believe a few got out to the FOBs but nothing dramatic. Not sure if any did CLPs. I know on H9 a lot of CLPs were manned by reg RN.

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