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Discussion in 'Site Issues' started by higthepig, Feb 4, 2007.

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  1. Reservist Monkey recentley locked a thread and gave his reasons which is fair enough, But why is the thread deleted ?why can we not see the thread up to the point where it was locked?
  2. The thread is not deleted just in a safe place.
  3. So why cant we see it up to the point it was locked?
  4. Because if you could, it wouldn't be a safe place!
  5. Please give a sensible answer, and reply to your PMs.
  6. You haven't been 'outed' on the 'being watched' issue have you?
  7. Hey Hig!

    Are you bovvered?!!

  8. ???????????????? - I am not poor just significantly unwealthy

    Stable horse and door come to mind as well since the problem that started all this nausea was (presumably) the tone of other threads not this one.

    Do you not think it appropriate that the good Colonel be allowed to see the strength of feeling and other effects of his censorship and threats?
  9. What a disappointment. There was me thinking this was going to be a technical discussion on stiff-nuts.
  10. Could be 'adjusted' I am sure - do you favour WD40 or a bit of engine oil as a suitable lubricant?
  11. That means it is unsafe for a 60 year old male, ex-submariner, ex, Detective Constable, ex Internal Company Fraud Investigator, ex Narrow boat owner, married with two children to READ.

    OR ITS


    I I have no Idea what the thread is/was about.

    Hurt of Tumwells Bridge

  12. I was actually referring to Reservist Monkey - he seems to have turned very prim and proper
  13. As i refuse to have this "in camera" and dealt with by PM's,i would like to know WHY i was the reason for the closing if the MOD cover up thread!!!!

    I quote Seadog!

    Andym was largely responsible for it being locked last night. His last has been deleted (again).

    As i said before on a different post ,which you have obviously decided to ignore,what were your reasons?Why wont you keep it all in Open Forum?
    And i resent your ABUSE of your postion as a Moderator to delete posts with out even having the bloody good manners to explain WHY!
  14. AndyM, you have now posted that post on 2 threads in this forum, do you not think one was enough?
  15. Well at leat someone has read it and responded!I spose thats a start!

    Is there a rule agin this?
  16. No ruling against it, just trying to help avoid conflict :grin:
  17. Conflict resloution is easy in this case Jenny.All it needs is a reply by Seadog to explain his actions.nothing more,nothing less.
  18. Bit late for that now!! ooo naughty children with opinions whatever next!!
  19. OAPs in thongs???

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