Lockheed Martin (Video): Merlin HM Mk 2

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by soleil, Feb 15, 2011.

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  1. As an ex pinger I would simply like to say' Fcuk me hasn't the back seat displays changed a little!!!! (Well a lot).:pc:
  2. Nice video. Was reading an article in a magazine somewhere about an attempt by AW to have the merlin considered for the VMX contract.

    Thanks for the post Sol :)
  3. thought it was going to have a permanent rads kit...
  4. VMX? Vintage Moto-Cross. VXX?
  5. Yes VXX. Had a bit of a mongling moment there. Got mixed up with the sqn designation which is HMX-1
  6. sure its big enough.......jeez
  7. Very impressive!
  8. As a complete novice in Helo's and know nowt about them is this a UK Helicopter as I noticed it marked as a Westland?
    Is it in conjunction with other countries including the USA if it's being promoted by Lockheed?
    Just wondered if we had produced a winner, sometimes we are rather good at getting things right,other times we cock things up big time.
    just wondered.
  9. If the MK2 came with free bacon it would be porn.
  10. Not from any direct knowledge so I may and probably will be corrected.

    The Merlin is a joint UK Westland and Italian Agusta helicopter project. There is a misnomer about its EH101 title, EH being European Helicopters. After its launch the press incorrectly, (LOL), misquoted the press release. It should've been EHI-01 - European Helicopter Industries - 01, (First joint build).

    As for Lockheed! I can only assume that many technologies went into the design and build and Lockheed took a substantial chunk, (pure speculation on my behalf). Westalnds and Agusta would have had to source many items from other companies to finish the whole package. Sonar suite, Radar, avionic etc.

    Having worked on the Mk 99, (Korea), Lynx or export variant, Bendix Corporation, (USA), fitted an AQS18(V) sonar into the Westland Lynx. No idea who fitted what in the Merlin but judging by the credits at the end - many!

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