Lockheed Martin: "LM Completes Assembly Of The First International F-35 For The UK"


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Dockyard Dandy said:
Such leaps in technology mean there’s a lot for air and ground crew to learn about the Lightning II – and getting to grips with BK-1 is, in the words of Capt Dickie Payne, Deputy Assistant Chief-of-Staff Carrier Strike, “represents the first step in re-generating the UK’s carrier strike capability”.

Lt Matt Fooks-Bale, a former Harrier pilot and weapons instructor now on the carrier strike staff at Fleet Headquarters, added: “The sooner we get involved in testing, the better.

OK, who's making these names up?

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Wow, it's got cutting edges and blistering punches, I thought missiles were in vogue this year?
Ja, ja, ja... I really must stop trying to make articles interesting and readable...

In the meantime, I wonder whether in place of the turquoise livery we can get Burger King to do a sponsorship deal...


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Ah, I was thinking more along the BK-1 lines.

Still, there's always the next UK JSF prototype to roll out of the sheds, KFC-2...

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