Lockheed Martin: "British Pilot & Maintainer Test F-35B On USS Wasp"

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by soleil, Sep 13, 2013.

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  2. Wish I was younger :sad10:
  3. I am gobsmacked!! The crab fat didn't whine about being at sea once! That has to be a first!

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  4. He was flying ashore at night, the holiday inn has a massive car park.

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  5. I notice they don't have a winch!!!! That's me buggered then!!!! (Apart from the fact I'm 2 million years old!!).
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  6. More like this?:icon_smile:

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  7. Woof!

    10 letters
  8. Will the Royal Navy chock heads, have to do all that reggae dancing and saluting , now that the Septics have trained them up????
  9. Also from Lockheed Martin:

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  10. OMG Soleil, absolutely fantastic video , headphones turned up, full screen, the music is brilliant, powerful and telling. This is magic, I had to replay it a few times, like the opening scene in a hollywood epic. Brings it all back, the drama of the flight deck, which unless you have ever experienced it, you would never know just how a close knit bunch all those trades who worked on the decks were. Brilliant.
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  11. For those who were turned on lol The music is-------Awakening Hell - Adam Salkeld

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