Lockerbie bomber may be released due to terminal cancer

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by finknottle, Aug 13, 2009.

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  1. there are reports that Abdel Basset Ali al- Megrahi, the only man convicted of the 1988 Lockerbie bombing, may be released from prison early because he is suffering from terminal cancer. Relatives of the victims are sharply divided on the issue.

    It is my opinion that unless new evidence comes to light to prove his innocence for this heinous crime he should serve out his full sentence regardless of any terminal illness.
  2. The thing is finknottle is that there was an ex Scotish MP on Sky news today and he said and i quote " i know this man is innocent",it seems that the relatives over the water think he is guilty but in the UK the majority seem to think he is innocent or that the whole sad story has come out yet,

    I will feel very sorry for this poor sod if he is ever found to be not guilty,but then i suppose he will sue and recieve mega bucks for the years he has been incarcerated,not that money can compensate for being away from family and friends for all those years,
  3. WTF?? gotta be a joke aint it. In my eyes what comes around goes around. How can this be justified. he commited the crime now let the bastard do the time. Now maybe he can feel just one little bit of the grief that the familys of those victims involved felt. Two wrongs dont make a right but justice must be fair and just.
  4. He (and Libya), was the US's preferred fall guy.

    Abu Nidal was employed via Syria on behalf of the Iranians to retaliate for Iran Air 655. But being as how Iran-Contra was rather a hot and very embarrassing political potato in the US at the time, they decided not to point fingers.

  5. joe joe joe,its about 50/50,some think he should do the time cos he is guilty but there are also a load of people who think he is innocent,got to be carefull not to lock the wrong person up,having said that ,if the scrout is guilty then may he rot in hell, 8)
  6. I agree NC Dr Jim Swire whose daughter Flora was among the 270 people killed thinks he is innocent and as you say along with many others this side of the pond and If this ex member of the Scottish Parliament knows he is innocent what is his evidence. Someone somewhere knows the truth of the matter but will it ever see the light of day?
  7. The German police raided PFLP-GC cells in Dusseldorf and Frankfurt in 1988. They found cassette recorder bombs of the type used to take down Pan Am 103.

    And who headed the PFLP-GC? Ahmed Jibril who was co-operating with Abu Nidal
  8. Whilst I agree this guy probably had some involvement in the bombing and should therefore complete his sentence I've always felt he was a convenient scapegoat to let Gaddafi off the hook so he could get away from his terrorist past. One man planning and executing that act of terrorism, I think not
  9. When he (if ) comes out .Someone ought shoot the bast$%d
  10. Same way all the IRA shite was shot when leaving prison do you mean.

    Not forgetting Mad Dog Adair responsible for the death of forty Catholics!
  11. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Not an ex MSP. Tam Dayell was the Westminster MP who also 'knew' that ANS BELGRANO was no threat to to the RN Task Force off the Falklands in 1982. Tam knows stuff.

    lesbryan wrote
    Would that be you then Les? :roll:
  12. Dear old Tam has made a carreer out of being anti establishment, though that has not stopped him working the system to ensure that he continues to live in the style he has become accostomed to. Equally the so called view of UK relatives is coloured by the fact Dr Swire claims to speak for all yet is one of the arch conspiracy theorists in this case.

    If this guy is wholly innocent then why did Gadafi give him up for trial, and why has Gadafi accepted Lybian involvement. Equally why has Megrahi not claimed he was set up by Gadafi, it would appear that even if Megrahi is a patsy, he is in on what ever deal there was, other wise he would be able to provide more info on his innocence. His appeal seems to be based not on proof he didn't do it, rather on trying to show that what is accepted as proof he did do it is in fact not so.

    If he is found innocent who is liable for compensation, the UK for finding him guilty, or Libya for offering him up as a patsy.
  13. Notwithstanding the debate about the judgement, which I don't believe is all that relevant here, I'm personally of the opinion that he should remain in prison. I don't really do compassionate reasons as a justification.

    Essentially prison has three purposes; the denial of liberty (the actual punishment for the crime), the protection of citizens if required, and the opportunity to give the prisoner the tools to become a contributing member of society (education and vocational training).

    In this instance clearly there is only one of the three purposes currently being fulfilled. He's not a danger to the public, and there is little value in rehabilitation given the state of his health. Despite that the principal purpose, denial of liberty, is sufficient justification in my opinion to keep him there.
  14. On the other hand one thing that clearly differentiates us from the terrorists is our ability to show compassion
  15. That's probably close to being a Godwin.

    I don't believe that compassion has any place in the justice system, either at the front end in sentencing or at the tail end in terms of justifying release. To me, compassion in cases like this is ensuring that adequate palliative care is available.
  16. Backpacker1UK

    Same way all the IRA shite was shot when leaving prison do you mean.

    Not forgetting Mad Dog Adair responsible for the death of forty Catholics

    Dont even go there buddy,this isnt about paddy land,
  17. True mate i see your point, but i do find it hard to believe that this fella was just a random guy going around his daily buisiness, then out of the blue got huckled for a terrorist crime. I think he must have hade something to do with something. Saying this col. Gaddiffi dosent seem to be the most trustworthy of people.
  18. Whilst I find you view quite understandable, at the same time there is the reality that the extraction of the pound of flesh at all times tends to perpetuate the argument and is one of the prime causes of the indeterminate blood fued that exists between the zionist colonists and the palestinians.

    There does come a time when action to break the blood fued cycle has to be taken, perhaps this is our generations opportunity.

    At this stage I fail to see what value to our society there is in keeping a dying (assuming he is dying) man in jail because we can. Will it stop others from trying the same, I fear not. Will releasing him give him the opportunity to try again, almost certainly not. Will keeping him in prison fit him for a better life when and if release, I fear not. I thus feal there is little value to society in keeping him behind bars.
  19. :glasses5: An appointment with Albert at 0800hrs would have saved a lot of time and trouble. :glasses5:
  20. The man convicted of the Lockerbie bombing has applied to abandon his second appeal against his conviction, his lawyers have said.

    South of Scotland SNP MSP Christine Grahame, who has met Megrahi several times in prison, said she believed he had been put under pressure to drop his appeal.

    She said: "I know from the lengthy discussions I had with him that he was desperate to clear his name, so I believe that the decision is not entirely his own.

    "There are a number of vested interests who have been deeply opposed to this appeal continuing as they know it would go a considerable way towards exposing the truth behind Lockerbie. BBC News.

    It looks to me like he may have had his arm twisted by the way of, you drop your appeal and we will release you. I am not a supporter of the conspiracy theory but this does seem a little bit too convenient in that difficult questions will not now have to be answered.

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