LochNess could of been elephants!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Jenny_Dabber, Mar 9, 2006.

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  1. Story here

    Atleast its the kind of news to give you a giggle :wink:
  2. I am Scottish and must admit I have not seen to many elephants out and about enjoying the views.
  3. I have to concur with Scablifter. I do believe there is "something" in the loch. My reason for this is when my father was based at RAF Kinloss he played a game of rugby against Fort Augustus. After the game he was talking to one of the opposition and asked the question "Have you ever seen anything in the Loch?" the guy answered yes he had, to which my father was rather sceptical until he remembered who he was talking to. The other person was a monk and as both he and my father said what reason does a monk have to lie. Even if there is not a beast in there it is good for the local economy as at a guess about 90% of tourism based arounf Inverness is for the monster.
  4. Given that religious people are inherently disposed towards believing in things they cannot see with effectively zero evidence, I suspect a monk wouldn't be reliable witness number one! :wink:
  5. The bloke who reported seeing it in the 6th century was a bishop and monk. Have they got something going there? The next Da Vinci Code - "The Monks and the Monster".
  6. Beg to differ................. Helensburgh, Saturday nights, 1960/70s.................Dumbarton Debs! :twisted:
  7. Hmm,something fishy going on ??
    First sighting 565 AD
  8. Also a Scot and I have seen plenty elephants usually flying and pink often after grog with sippers and gulpers thrown in, must say I don't recall ever seeing the submersible variety!
  9. Probably a Scots Mist
  10. Wrens on a banyan from Rosyth?

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