Locals take action against Faslane Peace Camp

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Maxi_77, Jun 5, 2007.

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  1. About bloody time!
  2. These ********** have been campaigning for 25 years and we still have the missiles.Time for the dreadlocked lasbos to go back to their council houses and get a shower.
  3. Having driven past at shift changeover the other day they do not seem to be your dreadlocked lesbos any more the lot I saw were very repectable pensioner couples.

    The real thing is their campaign has failed, there actions do not any longer get any publicity unless it is things like the locals protesting. Their blockades dont get a mention in the media so they would be as well giving up.
  4. Don't forget Maxi, they have been there 25 years, one of they used to be dreadlocked lesbos, they just got older :pukel:
  5. And male? :male:
  6. Have you seen the stae of the average UK lezzer? More like Alf Garnet than Ava Gardner
  7. They GLUE themselves to the road!?!?! How funny is that? May I volunteer to go up and help chisel the lazy fookers off the road? I'm sure i've a couple of blunt rusty chisels sculling about somewhere that would be ideal for the task........
  8. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  9. in my CND days I had a very nice Vidal Sassoon bob actually

  10. They don't want to move as they get plenty of support from Dumbarton Council. I'm sure they had to be provided with running water and proper sanitation.
  11. Surely gluing yourself to the road is enough evidence to be Sectioned Under the Mental Health Act? No sane person would do that!

    Oh and isn't a definition of madness doing the same thing over and over, expecting to get a different result? Twenty Five years and the same thing, I think it fits!
  12. I'm in full agreement with a persons right to peacefully protest. However as soon as this protest stops others from going about their lawful business then that is no longer protesting legally. They should be arrested, given a fair trial and locked in the slammer.
  13. Well feck me, they are still there....[​IMG]

    Offer them a day sail and leave them stranded somewhere......[​IMG]
  14. Or a day sail with the boat setting 1SQ for missile launch...... :thumright:
  15. dirty hippie scum, have a look at the pictures of thier "peace camp" - looks like a squalid mess to me. Why havent the police done a nice midnight drugs raid on the gaff?, it's obvious they are all smacked up
  16. What does that mean then? :jocolor:

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