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Have been shit on big style, I know this is a navy site but it goes to show the underhand way our govt treat the armed forces.

The Border Regt is being abolished & the lads are being amalgamated into the Duke of Lancashire Regt.
Some of the troops have just come back from Iraq after 6 months. The service has counted for nothing as the new regt starts from scratch & all previous service counts for nothing & they are being redeployed back to Iraq under the guise of the new Regt & having to do more tours in Iraq.

I can see several pissed off pongos jacking in, stretching the army further, all due to cost cutting reducing the number of battalions. I believe there are more regiments going to be affected the same way.


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It's bloody appalling what they're doing to these regiments. The people who make such decisions are absolutely clueless when it comes to making these cutbacks.

Many of the regiments have been around forever and have served this country without question and without any thought of self interest. I regret the same cannot be said of those who employ the slash, cut and maim method of saving expenditure against the crown.

It would appear that they have forgotten that we only retain our crown and national identity because generations of these guys have made it possible.


IIRC the Black Watch heard about the Royal Regiment of Scotland 'merger' just after they lost the guys at Camp Dogwood.

It makes you wonder :?